Meet one of the area's most eligible bachelors AKA my little brother

4 years ago


I wanted to write a unique column for Valentine's Day this year. I toyed with the idea of finding a local bachelor to interview about his thoughts on dating and women but thought that'd be kind of predictable and boring. I was racking my brain when a wonderful idea suddenly came to me. That idea was to write about one of my little brothers, tell my community how amazing he is and invite local bachelorettes to vie for a date with him! Genius right?

Of course my brother Cody is, in my opinion, one of the tri-area's most eligible bachelors for many reasons. The first is plain to see, I mean after all he is my brother, his sister is pretty darn awesome in her own right!

I ain’t bragging, but good looks do run in our family (see above picture) and Cody has been blessed with exceptionally handsome and boyish features. In addition, he is part of a dying breed in today's society. At 26 years of age Cody is one of the hardest working guys I know next to our other brother and our father. A journeyman carpenter, Cody believes in putting in a good day's sweat and effort into his profession and definitely lives by the “work hard, play hard,” motto.

Some of Cody's interests include camping, hunting, quading, fishing, horses and all types of music with a special soft spot for country. He even has a guitar that he uses to jam out with his roommates. Who knows ladies, maybe one day he would serenade you with a George Strait ballad.

Speaking of roommates, Cody owns his own home in Stony Plain and rents out space to one of his closest and fellow single friends. Don't let that scare you, they like to have fun but they're not “Guys Gone Wild.” They've tamed down quite a bit in recent years, all night parties and keg adventures have become a rarity.

He's naturally shy but maintains a thriving social life and group of long time buddies in close proximity.

He's got a soft heart and is kind to others. If called to lend a helping hand to a neighbour in need Cody harbours no hesitations.

He loves his mama, which is a quality that anyone can appreciate. We come from a big extended family and Cody enjoys spending time with them on special occasions and believes in old-fashioned family values.

Laughter comes easy to Cody and he has often been described as easy-going and laid back.

He's got lifetime dreams, like many of us, and he's also an avid reader who's passionate about educating himself and learning new things to help attain his goals.

Dating for him, now a day, can be challenging considering he currently works out of town; challenging but not impossible. This is why I thought I'd step in and help him out, not to be pushy like older sisters can sometimes be, but because he isn't getting any younger and as his sister I would love for him to find a great woman!

This is only a snippet of Cody that I'm describing to you. There is so much more you can discover when you meet him.

If you'd like to meet my little brother drop me a line. Shoot me an email at along with a photograph of yourself and a brief description of why you'd like to meet him. I will pass the info along after screening out applicants (in case we get some loonies) and who knows, you could be on the way to meeting your new best friend or even the love of your life.

Have a delightful Valentine's Day, which brings me to this fitting end quote:

“In this world, it is too common for people to search for someone to lose themselves in. But I am already lost. So, I will look for someone to find myself in.” -C. JoyBell C. 












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