Meet Adult Baby Johnny

8 years ago
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Yesterday I spent the afternoon with baby johhny.

Awesome timing no?

I’ve been seeing him for ages.  I’m not sure why – I’m not all that into adult babies. Not that I don’t have fun with him, he’s a fun boy. He used to see another well known Mistress and he wanted to do a double with me. I was thrilled – I had met her, but never played with her. AND?! She was supposed to have an amazing dungeon.  I don’t know who was more excited – baby johnny or me!

Usually in this situation, the other Mistress would set every thing up and I would arrive promptly and do my best to keep up.  Mistress X, however, had just been accepted to Law School (The bar if RIFE with former Dominatrixes) and was very busy so I got to know baby johnny over several phone calls while setting our appointment up. In the end, Mistress X was too busy and it was just baby johny and I for the afternoon.

I had NOOO idea what to do with him.  Tie up and spank the bad baby? Electocute the bad baby? Make the bad baby worship my boots… er… no. That was not going to work. He did not see himself as a bad baby.

Uh Oh.

Our first visit was basically me discussing his interests and hot buttons as well as listening to his stories about how he got interested in diapers in the first place.  I’ve only seena couple adult babies but they always have spectacular stories about how they ended up with this quirk.

Usually, but not always, a sexy neighbor/babysitter/teacher caught them with wet pants and punished them by making the wear a diaper. Occasionally there is also another pants wetter being punished at the same time – always female and of course, cute.

Baby johnny is not submissive at all, but just really needs to have someone discuss this interest with. Its hard keeping such a spectacular secret to yourself.  He is also a bit of an exhibitionist, loving the idea of being caught out in public in a diaper.

The moment baby johnny found out I had kids, and was indeed pregnant with Monkey, he fell in Mistress Love.  He had formerly been a bit of a Mistress Slut, seeing everyone, two and three at a time, but now that he could come visit a real pregnant Mommy Domme, he was pretty loyal.

While I enjoy his company, changing his giant wet diapers and mushing baby food all over his face can only hold my attention for so long. Over the years I have dropped hints and suggestions in his ear about cuckolding and finally, thankfully, this visit had more to do with his being a cuckold, then a baby.

Perfect timing!

He was my cuckolded husband who, while perfectly able to keep me happy financially,  was completely unable to satisfy me in the bedroom, so I put him in a diaper, made him watch me dress for my date, and I tell him him why exactly he couldn’t make me happy. His inadequate penis size, his lack of skill in the bedroom, his general doopy demeanor, and btw, do you think my lover will like the way I look in this short, short skirt? Now be a good baby and drink your bottle.

I decided we would go for a drive to the local sex shop where they have a small collection of larger size panties and such in the back for the boy who is so inclined.  We shopped around and finally, when someone else came in to shop to witness our play, I held up a pair of pink ruffly panties to the disinterested sales women half way across the store and asked If we buy these, can I have him change into them here?

This of course caused the newcomer to slowly, but with great intent, leave the store sans his intended porn.

It also caused baby johnny’s diapered self, with a shiver and and quiver,  love me all the more.


Yup. This is why I get the big bucks. And no.  I can’t do it with a straight face either.  As soon as we left the store, baby johnny in his newly purchased pink ruffles, I cracked up. Did you SEE that guy flee the scene?? He just had to go home and wank off to porn he’s already seen!

Or, like the rest of us in this day and age, download it. Srsly, who buys porn in a store these days?


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