Make Your Nuptials Delicious With Edible Wedding Favors

6 years ago

Edible wedding favor

Recently, I've been to several weddings that offered terrific edible favors. My friends Susan and Don sent guests home with a jar of Old Bay Seasoning and Susan's recipe for crab cakes -- a perfect complement to their Ocean City, MD celebration. Here on the West Coast, my friends Roger and Michelle gave guests mint tea, a nod to their Moroccan-themed wedding and the restaurant where they first met.

Susan Caplan of Suite101 has some good tips for managing the preparation of edible wedding favors, as well as some great ideas for what those gifts to guests could be in her post on DIY edible favors.

Edible wedding favors give guests a treat to nibble the day after the wedding as they reflect on the fun they had at the reception. Because these items can be prepared in large quantities, they can work up quickly without taking too much time. The bride can invite over close family members and her attendants to prepare the favors. This way the experience won’t be a nerve-wracking chore.

Depending on the favor, decide when it can be prepared. The last thing the bride needs is to be frantic during her wedding rehearsal because she doesn’t know how she’ll fit in decorating one hundred and ten chocolate lollipops.

Sarah of the Wedding Favors Unlimited Advice Blog suggests a list of ten edible favor ideas that include everything from custom drink packets, such as the ones Roger and Michelle had for their guests, to a simple piece of beautiful, local fruit tied in netting and ribbon. According to Sarah, another new trend are Rice Crispy Picture Treats.

Your childhood favorite is now appearing at the wedding table. You can order Rice Crispy bars with your own likenesses silk screened on them with edible ink. These are such a festive way to send guests off — though they’re so tempting they might not make it all the way home.

Offbeat Megan of Offbeat Bride also recommends Rice Krispie Treats, though the variation she found are shaped like takeout sushi, and they even come with chopsticks!

Sara of 2000 Dollar Wedding and her husband, Matt, put together wedding favors for $21 that, though not immediately edible, definitely will be. They gave their guests cilantro seeds in a handmade cardstock envelope.

We used card stock we already had. A pound of organic cilantro seeds cost $20-ish. And we had the stamp stuff lying around, too.

The front has a note of appreciation to our guests, as well as instructions for how to plant the seeds. The back has our homemade guacamole recipe, which we'll be serving lots of at the Mexican buffet reception.

Ten Thousand Only of A $10,000 Wedding suggests little translucent bags for the guests, each with a lovely cookie inside.

when it comes to favors, i'm a huge fan of edibles. my friend gave pepero boxes. another gave candied apples. absolute hits! i don't think favors should be very time consuming or costly because ... 50% of the people don't remember to take it with them. at least, i don't. for instance, i went to a wedding where the favors were tiny little vases (seriously big enough to hold ONE dandelion stem) that were individually painted by a bridesmaid with the couples' initials. granted, cute idea. but by the end of the night, no one gave a fuh. basically, i'm convinced that the tums is where the heart grows fonder.

Have you been to a wedding with particularly delicious edible favors? Share your comments below.

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