Lyriana-for female sexual enhancement

9 years ago

I am often a bit skeptical about products for women that claim to
“heighten sensitivity” and improve orgasms.  There is no equivalent to
Viagra for women thus far on the market, yet many women suffer from
Female Sexual Dysfunction.  Well, Lyriana just may be what women have been looking for.

I received my Lyriana topical gel for female sexual enhancement a few months ago from the Lyriana website.  The instructions on the box say to use the gel once a day, applied to the vulva for at least four weeks: hence the delay in my writing this review.  Although I do not suffer from FSD, I have been using it on a regular basis to see what, if anything, it would do to increase my libido.

Lyriana - female sexual enhancement

The first time I tried it I observed an immediate and noticeable
difference in how my external sex organs felt.  My entire vulva became
warm and tingly, and my pussy became very wet with increased moisture.
My clitoris also became much more sensitive.  I could feel the blow
flow increase in my entire vulva. This was from one use, which
surprised me.  I have used many topical gels that are marketed as
clitoral stimulators, which never had such a quick, pervasive and
noticeable effect.  After several weeks of use, on a regular basis, I
am pretty much perpetually horny and know when I use the gel, that soon
after I need to masturbate or have sex with my partner.

So, it worked very well for me, a woman who does not suffer from
FSD.  But, what about menopausal women, and those who do have problems
with lubrication?  Well, Lyriana was kind enough to send me a few extra
products, which I gave to my mother (age 60), my Aunt T (age 51) and my
Aunt S (67).  We had a girl-party weekend at my place recently and I
decided to give out some sex toys for fun.  My mother is the only one
with a regular boyfriend currently and said she often had problems with
lubrication.  I had given her other products to try without much
success.  Sure, they helped her with temporary lubrication and
sometimes stimulation, but they did nothing to help in a more lasting

Read my mother's and aunt's result and the rest of this post at Pop My Cherry. Also, see the Lyriana Video there as well.


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