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3 years ago

I've been divorced since Gerald Ford was president.

Oh, I've had relationships over the years, but have avoided serious emotional involvements.

Sorry, that topic is between me and my therapist.

It's been a number of years since I've even dated; family responsibilities, work, and some long-term health issues have kept me tired and frankly just not interested in l-o-v-e.

But in the past year or so, I've been feeling better, and I'm going to <semi> retire this summer. So thoughts of finding a nice <mature> man to date have found me checking out some of the online dating websites for us folks who are not young anymore.


I joined a few sites, posted some pics, along with my age and desire to date SINGLE men around my age.

Here's my results so far:

  • 10% of my responses came from men in their twenties and thirties (uhm , I have a son in his forties, thanks a lot).
  • Married men, there are so many.
  • One guy who wants to introduce me to his wife so we can all have "dinner" together, and another one who wants me to send him a text pic of my boobs. 

The prize winner, though,  is the guy who wooed me for months, via text messages, emails, and telephone calls. This guy said he was  a veternarian who was living in Seattle, not far from me. He was out of town a lot, he said, because he worked independently, taking on projects all over the world. And he wanted to meet me after coming back from a job in Turkey, where he was going to vaccinate some sick chickens.

Lover boy vet claimed he was on his way to Turkey, and he would text me when he landed in Istanbul. Two days later, he sent me a picture on my cell phone, smiling and happy on a very large boat. He then texted me, asking me if I got the picture and saw the flag that was in the picture. 

"Yeah, I guess," was my answer.

He texted right back, that's the flag of Turkey <I have proof>.

Red flag.

Another one.

I have not told you yet, but I was not completely sold on lover boy vet. He was far too amorous and lovey-dovey for someone who had not actually MET me yet. And a lot of things did not add up, for me. He said he lived in Seattle, but his cell area code was still for an area of Oklahoma. He had a good answer, that he moved to Seattle from Tulsa, and had just never changed his number. People do this, I know, but it just did not set right with me.

So, lover boy vet is in Turkey getting ready to vaccinate the poor sick chicks. He called me one day and said it was stressful, getting the vaccinations done, because he could not access his bank funds from Turkey. "I had to submit proof that I have the money in my account; I have to buy the vaccine, and they will reimburse me when the vaccinations are over. Now my bank won't let me access my funds; I have a call into my bank, but the person I'm supposed to talk to is out sick." I wished him the best of luck with this.

Red flag.

Another one.

I then asked lover boy vet why he did not arrange matters with his bank BEFORE heading out to save these poor little Turkish chickens.

"Sorry, I've got another call,  I have to go now but will call you later."


Two days later, at 5:30 a.m., lover boy vet called me and woke me up. "You sound sexy," he told me, then proceeded to ask me for $10,000 to vaccinate the poor sick chickens. He promised to pay me back as soon as the evil bank prez came through with his moolah.

Oh boy.

Talk about a button being pushed!

I divorced my husband in 1974 because, in part, because he would not work and expected me to pay all of the bills.

I sat up in bed and told this guy, poltiely, that I did not have this kind of money.

"Well, it will work out, I'm sure," he told me.

I think that I wished him a good day, hung up, and then blocked his number from my cell phone.

After this experience I deleted my profile on the dating site that we met on. I've kept my profile up on a few other sites, but have yet to meet anyone that I'm going to fall in love with. I've had a few dates, but nothing to get all jazzed up about.

I'm still hopeful of meeting a nice older guy to date, so I'm making sure to stay involved in activities with friends, getting out to movies and other activities.

And I hope that lover boy vet did not get that ten grand from another woman.

 And one more thing: Thanks to the wonders of Gmail, I found out that lover boy vet was emailing me from some little town in california.




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