Love is a many splendid thing

5 years ago

The train slowly pulled into the unfamiliar station.  As the conductor announced our arrival I glanced around my seat to make sure that I had all of my belongings.  By the time the train came to a halt I was already standing, waiting by the doors.  I was the only one.

I walked on to the platform and glanced around.  My eyes were darting in every direction as I tried to get my bearings.  A distance up ahead I saw numerous people swiftly walking away from the train.  It was then it hit me.  I traveled in the train car that docks the furthest from the platform exit.


I didn’t really mind the walk.  It was a beautiful spring day.  The sun was brightly shining, and since I spent the day at a client in Manhattan, I managed to select a pair of shoes that I was actually able to walk in.


I walked, and I walked.  It must have been the equivalent of two blocks.  As I finally neared the platform exit, I saw him – my husband, Marc.  He looked nervous.  His eyes were darting all around looking for me.  As soon as we made eye contact a look of relief swept across his face and he smiled.


I gave him a kiss and he took my bag.


He knew what train I was on but didn’t understand why I didn’t exit the platform with the others, so he came looking…


I felt loved.


To me love is the little things in life.  The insignificant ones that just put a smile on your face and make you feel special.  The things that you do for one another that you don’t think anything of… The things you do because you feel, not because you have to show.


I could live my life and never hear the words “I love you” as long as love is shown.  Actions to me speak more than words ever could…


How to you feel / show love?


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