Living on the Road Together

7 years ago

With Valentine's Day around the corner, my inbox is a swamp of cliched press releases, each one of them attempting to sell me the idea of romantic travel -- a trip to Paris, perhaps, or exotic chocolates from far away places, or little extras that you can pack to transform the sturdy beige interior of your hotel room into a rose colored tent in the desert. Yeah, okay, maybe.

There is, I think, nothing more romantic than falling in love when you are traveling, even if it is with someone you are already in love with. I met my husband while traveling -- he stood the other side of the campfire circle and blam, that was it. It was sunset, we were at the Ayers Rock National Park, it was scripted by MGM and staffed with healthy, good looking extras. Now we thrive on travel, we are at our best on the road, though there is something terribly romantic about the fact that he makes my complicated steel cut oats every morning while I sit at my desk writing. Romance, it's so subjective.

One of my favorite blogs, Uncornered Market, is by a traveling duo, Dan and Audrey. I'm also crazy for Forks and Jets, not just because they have the cutest typeface ever. The folks at Married with Luggage aren't traveling yet, but they're planning, planning, planning, and that's romantic to me. The women at What Boundaries? are having amazing adventures and writing, writing, writing their stories. The pair behind Black People Do That have videos of them doing all kinds of crazy stuff -- paint ball and whitewater rafting and just getting out from behind absurd stereotypes. And the guys at Hedonia are living large in San Francisco. This isn't really a travelblog, it's more local insight, but it's great stuff FOR travelers and they're blogging their local adventures together.

Sometimes, I wish my guy was a bit more susceptible to marketing. Yeah, I'd like flowers and chocolate. But nothing quite makes me swoon like waking up in a tightly pitched tent alone. I unzip the fly, and there he is, handing me a cup of coffee in a travelers mug. I love it when he says "I'll be right back" and it's because he's gone to put the luggage in the car while I finish uploading photos. I love it when we're in a place we don't know and he takes my hand and says "Let's go for coffee."

Yes, yes, yes, I'm a HUGE proponent of solo travel. It. Is. Awesome. But indulge me for this brief moment while I cave to Valentine's Day pressure and nod to those traveling duets. There is, I think, nothing more romantic that a travel companion who fits. It doesn't matter where you are, it's who you're with. It's a little hokey, but I'm going to go with it. The joy of travel shared, that's the perfect Valentine. 

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