Lift Off! How to take your sex life from grounded to soaring - Part II

6 years ago

Step 1 - Taking Care of ME (continued)


In the previous installment of Lift Off we talked about some ways to overcome the inertia that can slowly creep into any relationship over time. Here again, I want to stress that taking care of you, putting yourself first, for a short time each and every day is a great way to overcome sexual stagnation that’s caused by stress or fatigue. Nourish your heart and your head and your body will follow.

Last time we talked about two M’s’; masturbation and meditation, now we’re moving on to a couple of E’s.


Do something to get your body feeling alive and wired.  Work out, go for a walk in the park, plant a garden, jog with your dog, turn up the tunes while folding the laundry and shake your booty, hang from a flying trapeze, climb a rock, do something, do anything, to get your heart rate up and your stress levels down.  Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins lessen the perception of pain and can lead to a sense of euphoria. Because of these physical effects and the resultant psychological effects – feel fit and healthy and you’ll feel your self-confidence and your inner sexy skyrocket - regular exercise is a major component in programs to overcome depression.  If you go to a group class, you’ll find you’re not only working that hot (and sweaty) body, but you’re developing a community, a network of new friends, which is also crucial to building confidence and will give you the tools you need to have a part of your life that’s apart from your primary relationships with your partner, your children, your co-workers and your family.


What interests you? What makes your sexy brain race? Yes, we’re back to the brain and you’ll find we return there often because the brain is your largest, most sensitive erogenous zone. Stimulate that big, bad brain by learning a new language, doing Sudoku or crossword puzzles, or learning to fly, be it on a trapeze or in a Cessna 152. Combine your energize with your educate by learning to dance.  Zumba, a wildly popular dance work out is a great example, your brain is learning new steps and movements along with your body and the group setting provides you and your sassy brain with social interactions. Research shows that having an active social life and keeping your body fit are necessary to warding off the effects of aging on the brain. Your new knowledge will keep you interested and interesting, it will give you another topic of conversation and provide you with a huge boost to your self-confidence. And confidence, yes baby, confidence is damn sexy.

Taking care of number one is the first step along the way to revitalizing that grounded sex life. Even if you’re already having sex that leaves you weak in the knees, following a program dedicated to ME will allow you to go harder, faster, and longer. And when it comes to sex, I know I’m always left wanting more; being in the right headspace and having the physical ability to follow through on that desire, well, that’s a very, very wondrous thing.

So go forth, masturbate, meditate, energize and educate and watch yourself fly high on wings of desire.

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