Letters Home – My Poor Host Parents are Going Through Shock

4 years ago
Posted by fallingdownunder on July 14, 2013

I just got home from my trip, seconds ago – I haven’t even had a chance to go to the toilet yet! I got home to six letters and two big boxes that I haven’t even opened yet! I‘ve only read half of your letter and I already have to respond! But first – I received a nice letter from Grama with fifty dollars spending money! I’ll keep writing her! I also got the most beautiful letter from Griffin – he’s scored 100 million points with me!

It sounds like you and Al are beginning a wonderful life together! I’m jealous! It sounds like you are living a dream! (Tell Al that ok?)

Mom you are doing heaps for Trev by just letting him race! So chill babe!!

My I love my school! Yes, it is fun and I’m a part of it now and I have heaps of friends of both sexes! The Greek guy is names Philip! He is so cute! We always look at each other when we pass each other but that all it is so far! Mom, he’s the “nice guy” sort so no worries!

Before my holiday, I tried to call Emiri but she wasn’t home. But I did talk to my X host Mum and it was good. I’m going to try and work things out so we can be friends! I don’t like to leave things bad!

Marcy’s Mom is supposed to call tonight! And we are going to try and get together – I’ll write and tell you about it later ok! And yes, Marcy has been expressing that she hater her situation for a long time! I think after I did she realized that it’s ok and better in the long run!

About the exchange program – I think they do the best they can! You never truly know someone until you live with them – don’t you recon? And I love being the only one my age! My poor host parents are going through shock! Realizing I am BOY CRAZY!! They are getting used to it!

My happy B Day and I love you and I wish I could have been there!! I’m so stupid! I can never remember your birthday! Teri always tell me!

And as for my father – I’m sorry. He has a permanent stuck up his butt and every once in a while it starts to itch. Don’t mean to be crude but that’s what I recon! Too bad he’s my Dad and I love the poop!

MASON! My God! I can’t wait to hear! Now that’s a blast from the past! Is he still a hunk? Does he have hair – no don’t tell me it’s long!

I would love photos of construction! Any would be excellent and I’d love any that Teri will send me!!

I hate to tell you this but I’m an Aussie now! It’s in my blood! I speak it and think it! I still love America and nothing can take its place!

Elizabeth told me about Bree’s beautiful baby! I’m so glad! She wrote, “miss ya” isn’t that cute! (sorry about the mess but I’m excited)

I just opened the boxes!! Thank you so much!! Everything fits! Tee hee – thank god! It’s perfect and thanks for the extras, I’m happy as a clam. Except I need money – I’m out completely! Out! Zero money! No Denero! Help!! Send Money quick and remember I love you!

Well Mommy my love! I’m going to go and take a long bath and shave me legs! Shave off all the mozzy bites I got on my trip (mosquitos). Another bit of Aussie slang!

Love ya and miss ya heaps! As soon as you send me money I’ll get my photo’s developed and send you photos of my trip! Me with my sexy bod in swimmers lying on the beach! Haha!!! I’ll spear you ok! Spare I mean! Or how ever you spell it!


I have to write to Griff now! You won’t believe what he writes to me! Have you seen him lately? Shhhh (you know)

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