A Letter to my Future Husband.

5 years ago
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This is a letter to my future husband. The trick of this is, I won't tell him I wrote this. I will wait a year and I'll read it to see if I feel the same. This is mainly a test for myself. Will I keep trying and making sure that we keep our love strong, hopefully... It won't be the same, hopefully... It will be more!

Dear Daniel,
I can't go a day without finding something you've done to make me royally pissed, but that's who I am. I'm a perfectionist and things need to be my way. At least you're trying. I also can't go a day without seeing you. Where we currently live in my blue chair, I can look out the window and tell when you're home. That's my favorite part. Seeing you walk up the way and coming inside. You can't wait to sit down and eat dinner. Oh yeah, and to see your daughter and future wife.
I love to sleep next to you, butt to butt. We're not a new couple anymore, we can't cuddle to go to sleep anymore. We can't pretend. I love that when you leave for work you always make sure I get a kiss and an "I love you". Before we go to bed, I always get a kiss. I love how when we say we love each other, we say i love you more and so on to see who loves who more.
It's the arguements that last no time, I just be quiet and look away, then you will start talking about something else. I think it's because you don't want me to be upset anymore, you just want it over.
I love how you would do ANYTHING for me. How you will creep behind me on the computer and give me a kiss. How you randomly will say I love you and when I ask why you said it, you say just because. How you smile differently around me than anyone else.
I'll miss you in the morning when you leave for work, so I will snuggle up to your pillow on your side just to feel like you are there.

There is so much more I can say, but then it would end up being a book. And the funny thing is, I thought I loved you then.

-amy elaine <3


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