Laundry Room

3 years ago

I am soooo sorry it has taken me soooo long to finish this story, but man, has my life taken some kind of turn.  Now where was I...

See what happened was...

I had no worries about things going wrong or something jumping off while I enjoyed my little trip.  Each one looks out for the other plus there are people there who are there to look out for everyone. I had the scent of old potatoes, a kid’s meal, and a well worn old man sock on my body.  The scent was driving me crazy and I had to get it off of me.  I stripped down naked and rewrapped the towel around me.  I hurried down the first flight of stairs, stepped through the kitchen and down another flight of stairs to the basement to the laundry room.

It took a moment for me to understand the very expensive washing machine.  I turned a few knobs and watched the tub begin to fill up with cold water.  With a toss, my underwear was swimming in water.  I walked over to the utility tub and rinsed the half digested food down the drain. With a few rises and a good hard ring, I tossed the dress into the washers and headed back upstairs.  I took to the shower and let the rest of the potion wash off.

Darkness was a good family friend and for many times she had blacked out at Marigold’s parties, me in her shower was no big deal.

I sat on the edge of the bed and turned on the television.  It was nice to watch a good black and white old romance movie. A good hour had past, Darkness peeked in to check on me, and I heard Maz ask people if they had seen me.  I knew my clothes were done in the washer and I had to put them in the dryer.

I knew Darkness was too busy when I heard the gong go off. It was the signal to everyone who wanted to join in the large room for group sex. “Not my cup o tea.”

Oh yeah, I enjoy watching...

There is nothing like watching some older man take his sweat time licking chocolate ice cream off of a young woman’s firm round tight butt, then using the melted liquid as lubrication for more anal play.

 To see the body of a pure cougar hunt down her pry and bury her head into his lap, to have him moan in pleasure, even more when she takes out her teeth is a sight to watch.  Again I walked through the bodies of naked people lumped upon one another moving in pleasure.  I made my way to the laundry room, took my dress out of the washer and tossed into the dryer.  It didn’t feel right so I threw in one of Darkness’ load of laundry from the hamper into the washer.


I turned to see Maz standing in the doorway naked.  It was a nice site for sore eyes to see. Let’s just say things were three times as big as I thought.

“YES!” I replied trying my best to take my eyes off of his member.

“Can we talk?” he took hold of is limp member and began to stroke it with his fingers. At first the stroke was slow but the longer I watched the faster his hand movement became. I didn’t notice, until he smiled, that I was licking my lips and touching my breast by going under my towel. He moved in closer and kissed my lips with care.

“I’ve always wanted to be with you.” He said taking hold of the soft knot in the towel and loosing it until it fell to the floor.

His hands wrapped around my body taking hold of my butt and giving it a hearty squeeze. 

I interlocked my fingers behind his neck, pulling him in closer and kissing his lips. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth. His member, fully erect was becoming compacted between our naked bodies.

His finger kneed my cheeks as he spread them apart.

“Can I…” he asked between kisses.

“Yes you can.” I replied hoping that we both wanted the same thing.

He pulled my hips close to him and picked me up, placing me on the edge of the dryer with my checks still spread.

“I’ve dreamed about this day.” Maz said stepping away from me.  “Is there a limit on what went on in my dream that I can do for you.”

“No.” Before I could get the word out of my mouth, he took hold of my feet and spun me around.  He took two steps back and jumped up on the dryer with me.  He placed his body on top of me giving me the queue to lie back on the washer.

The sensation of heat on my back and cold on the upper half plus the sound of water rushing through my ear sent chills throughout my body or could it be the sensation of his hands between my legs.  I let the momentum of the wonderful sensation take over me and let my leg hang off the dryer, giving him more room to play with me.  I couldn’t control myself. I let my hands go through his hair as his fingers left my body to enter into his mouth. He gave me a simple smile, placed his weight on top of me and placed my legs on his shoulders.

That giant monster of his knew where the entrance was and slide in. the pressure of the first push caused me to give a slight tug on his hair.

“I like that.” He said adding in three more pushes.  By the umpteenth push the spin cycle kicked in helping me with my counter movements to his thrusts.

“Talk to me.” He said.

Talk? What should I say? What could I say when I couldn’t say a word.

“Tell me what you want me to do?” He said.  I looked into that stern face as I felt the wetness between my legs flow out of me and onto the cold washer top.

I was somewhat put back. The whole point of this was for us to get our rocks off, not for me to give instruction on the art of pleasing me. If you asked me he should find out like the rest and be surprised. But wait.  That sounds like a winner. Again I let one of my legs fall to the side of the dryer.

“Bite my nibble.” The words spilled out of my mouth as my body yearned for the action. The grin of agreement came to his face, without missing a push he did as he was told. The added bit of the flicked of the tongue drove me near crazy.

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