A Jurassic Park Proposal

5 years ago

Lee Hall and Ashley Fragomeni are both big fans of the movie Jurassic Park, so when Hall first suggested going to the fictional "Snakewater, Montana," a location immortalized in the film, Fragomeni had no idea that he had more than the usual geekery in mind. In fact, Hall meant to propose to her.

It started as a simple reenactment of one of the film's best-known scenes -- the terrifying monologue Dr. Alan Grant (played by Sam Neill) delivers after a young volunteer has the audacity to describe the velociraptor as an oversized turkey.

"This doesn't look very scary," Fragomeni said, imitating the rudeness of the child in the film. "More like a six-foot turkey."

"Turkey, huh?" Hall asked, drawing closer. "Try and imagine yourself in the Cretaceous period. You get your first look at this six-foot turkey as you enter a clearing. It moves like a bird, lightly bobbing its head and you keep still because you think that its visual acuity is based on movement, like T-Rex and he'll lose you if you don't move. But not Velociraptor. You stare at him and he stares right back."

Hall held up his fingers to her face, like two dinosaur eyes looking into hers.

"That's when the attack comes," he continued. "Not from the front, but from the sides. From the other two raptors you didn't even know were there. Velociraptor is a pack hunter, you see. He relies on coordinated attack patterns. And he is out in force today."

Hall paused for a moment, drawing a claw much like the one in the movie from his pocket.

"And he proposes to you with this: size four and a half engagement band like a decoration on the fourth finger," he said. "He doesn't bother to give it to you right away, see? No, he flashes it at you from here. Or here. Or maybe, right across your fingers, revealing his intentions. The point is, you're surprised when he asks you to marry him."

Hall kneeled before her.

"Ashley Fragomeni, my best friend and my adventure buddy through thick and thin, love of my life. Will you marry me?" he asked.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, laughing and crying.

She took the ring from the claw and Hall helped her put it on her finger, as the score from Jurassic Park began to play softly in the background.

Via Smithsonian.com's Dinosaur Tracking blog by Brian Switek.

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