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6 years ago

Going through a divorce can be isolating.  Depending on the problems with your marriage, you may be feeling fear, guilt or shame.  You may have been keeping your marital problems secret for a long time, believing that one does not ‘air their dirty laundry’. You may have been blamed or accused of being crazy because you instinctively knew that something was wrong but always had your feelings diminished or invalidated.

Now that you have decided to end your marriage you need to talk about it and process this dramatic new change in your life. 

You want to know that you are not crazy and that there are others going through the same range of emotions as you.  You are grieving the dream that will never be and trying to understand and come to terms with the host of emotions like anger, fear and upset that swing like a pendulum from moment to moment.  You want to feel hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your married friends may want to help but cannot relate or you fear that they are getting tired of hearing you talk about it.  You may be overwhelmed with everyone’s opinion about what you should do which is just adding to your confusion.

You want support and encouragement; to develop clarity; to know that you are not alone or crazy; to feel you are part of something again.  Yet you haven’t been able to find a support group that fits with your schedule; that is more about helping you to get healthy than about bashing your soon-to-be-ex; that isn’t awash in religious dogma.


Our Cyber Support Group connects people going through divorce no matter what stage of separation or divorce you are in, where you live or what your religious background.  It is all about encouraging you through this difficult time.  We focus on helping you to develop clarity around your goals and about your fears.  We share strategies and offer tools that will help you navigate the emotional storm more steadily.  We connect you with others going through the same experience; there will be those that are further along than you and those that benefit from hearing about your progress and growth.

From the comfort of your home, you can connect with others going through divorce and talk about your fears and frustrations, gain clarity and a much-desired sense of sanity.  Facilitated by a certified professional divorce coach you will feel supported and begin to get stronger and healthier while meeting new people and making friends that you can connect with between meetings.

Join our FREE monthly Intro to Cyber Support held the third Tuesday of each month from 8 – 9:30pm EST.  You receive a call in number and private access code.

Members are part of a private chat room where you can connect with other members between meetings and receive additional email support and private phone sessions whenever you need them.

To register please visit:…

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