It's a nice day for a...non traditional wedding.

This is an exciting post for me to write because it was requested by one of my mum friends who I’ll call ‘G’.

She has asked me to recount the story of our wedding day. However, instead of just recounting the day because it was such a small event, I’m going to let you know how we even got the point of discussing marriage and engagement.

Back in September 2011 it was coming up to my 22nd birthday and I was super excited to go out and karaoke the night away. Well before we went out, my lover (sounds more exotic than boyfriend) surprised me a beautiful bvlgari perfume. I was actually shocked that he had taken the time to go out and get me something without me knowing. So he hands it to me and says ‘I had another surprise but I don’t want to give it to you anymore’. Well of course this piques my attention and I start begging...Please? Please? Please!! The answer was no plus we were already late. So I gave up for the time being. The night was great (but not the point of the story). We get home and ‘lover’ says ‘Okay I know you’re going to start begging so you can have my other gift’.

He walks off to his secret hiding place and comes back with a pretty box. Before he gives it to me he starts rattling on about how he had bought it with intention of asking me to marry him. I just stare at him like he has 3 heads. He then reminds me of a conversation that we had last week and how I was going on about how I didn’t want to get married in the foreseeable future; this broke his heart a little as he had already bought the ring. He then gave me a speech about how now the ring was a promise of his love, blah blah blah you get the picture. He then hands me a box, with a smaller box inside. The ring was perfect, something I loved more than anything I could have chosen for myself.I told him that if he ever wanted to ask me to marry him he could just use this ring because I didn't want another one replacing it.

Turns out that 5 days later we find out that we were expecting and suddenly the prospect of marriage seemed like something that could actually be on the cards. I still dismissed the idea because who wants to get married just because you’re knocked up. However, I also thought who is going to believe that we spontaneously got engaged 5 days before we found out we were having a baby. Doesn't really seem legit and a word that would get thrown around is shotgun wedding.

So for the next few months ‘lover’ would try to convince me of all the reasons on why it was a good idea (I won’t go into them) because a) he would be embarrassed if I rehashed them here, b) some were mushy lovey reasons and c) some were more desperate like ‘well you’re knocked up we may as well’; that one didn't go down as well.

It got to February 14th and I was super excited because for the past 5 weeks I had been the only one who knew that we were having a little boy. He didn't want to find out the sex at the ultrasound so left the room and I had been bugging him the whole time to tell him. He said that I could tell him on Valentine’s Day. We spent the night in since I was getting larger and less enthused about going out in public with my growing abdomen. After dinner I left the room and wrote on the inside of my right hand ‘It’s’ and then on my left ‘a’ and then on my big ol’ belly ‘BOY’. When I went back into the lounge room I finally was able to tell him. Oh my goodness it was so exciting to see his face he had been saying he was sure it was a boy the whole time. Then he got all lovey dovey and all of a sudden asked me to marry him. My answer was ‘Yes, but only if you can organise it in the next 4 weeks so that I’m not too huge'. I know what you’re thinking ‘ Isn't she romantic!’

Well he managed to have it all organised for April 14th, who would have thought a man could get it all done.

There was none of the usual traditions about the day for us. First of all he had to help me into my dress and shoes because I was unable to actually put shoes of myself at 33 weeks pregnant. We finished getting ready and jumped in a cab to head up to the registry office in Edinburgh’s City Centre. We shared the day with 9 of our close friends; the day was absolutely beautiful considering that it was Scotland and April. Once we had finished expressing our love and the ceremony was over we spent a bit of time taking photos and then headed over to Hotel Missoni where everyone else got to have a drink and I was able to enjoy a (insert sarcasm) nice orange juice. However, it was so nice being able to relax, have a laugh and a chat. For lunch we went to Angels with Bagpipes on the Royal Mile.

All of us
Take note of my fabulous shoes and new husbands high afro (makes me laugh)
I'm such a classy new wife and mum to be
See how husband is holding his chest? This was because for the whole week before this day he had chest pains and then after the ceremony they were gone. Nervous little thing.

Then after lunch a couple of our friends headed home, one of them was due two weeks after me (we delivered the same day).  We headed back to the hotel as the boys wanted more drinks. A few more hours passed and by this time I was STARVING! The next part of my wedding day does not fall under any sort of wedding day traditions. Indian Takeaway!! Yup we all then went back to my friends place as I insisted on wanting Indian food; I know classy but I was pregnant and did have cravings. All I can say is that it was the perfect ending to my non traditional wedding day.

My baby belly, flowers, dress and shoes.
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