It's him

4 years ago

Good Book

What a week-

I’m going to tell most of it to you now. It may take a while.

See what happened was…

I wanted to stay mad and then I thought- Why?

What good would it have done for me to be upset? I was here to have fun.  I knew the limits that I will set and though his limo driver acted a fool, I couldn‘t blame him.

“He is fired!” he placed his hand around the neck of the bottle.  Letting his thumbs push on the cork- suddenly a loud pop and the champagne came bubbling up, out and over.

I couldn’t help myself and hurried to the bed. Quickly I let my lips fall up the opening of the bottle engulfing the fluid. I looked him in the eyes as I wrapped my lip on the top and slowly intake the neck of the bottle until he sat with his mouth open in surprise.

“Can you do that to me?”

I took my mouth away, letting the remaining liquid in my mouth drip down my chin and fall upon my shirt.

“Yes I can.”

I stood up and undress in front of him letting him take in the splendor of my nakedness. He placed the bottle on the side table and slide off the bed to his knees. Like a wild animal he crawled towards me.

“Let me go get the toys.” I said.  Before I could move he took hold of my hand stopping me.  He bent low and began kissing my feet, while he rubbed on my calves. I felt his tongue dart in and out from between my toes and then the feeling went to my ankles.  His hands tickled me behind my knees causing me to lock them up tight. His hand quickly went up to the back of my thighs, grabbing hold of them.

His tongue rested between my knees and ran up to the end.

“OH!” I cried out as I let my hands fall upon his head. He pulled my legs apart slight giving him more room to please me.

I felt the warmth of his mouth, the grip of his fingers digging into my flesh and the constant movement of his head between my fingers. I closed my eyes letting my mind become free to explore the feeling that were coming over me.  I felt my feet leave the floor and suddenly my knees were being placed on his shoulders as his mouth continued in its determination of pleasure and he took a few steps toward the bed as he laid me down.

“I know what you want.” He said with a smile. He walked towards the closet to retrieve a large bag with a familiar symbol on it.

“Did you go to…”

“I followed you through the store and picked up what you placed back down.” He walked closer to the bed. “I had the young lady clean them and they are ready for fun.” He dumped the contents of the bag on the bed.

“More toys!” I shouted.

I took my time and looked through the toys carefully.

“Glow in the dark condoms, a dildo with a suction cup and generic erection pills. Really!” I asked holding it up.

“It’s just in case you want more than I can handle.”

“All I want is you.” I said.

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