It's Hard to Blog About My Relationship.

3 years ago

So, we broke up.  

There were so many times at which, during our relationship, I thought "I would love to write about this, but I have no idea how he would take it. So, maybe later."  And later it certainly did get. 

Months later.

Its really hard being someone who aspires to chronicle their life, and in a relationship. Writing has always been my escape. However, recently, its turned into posting my thoughts for other to read.  So what is the dividing line of writing about my life, without hurting someone's feelings?

Can I detail about what's driving me crazy about him?  Do I make up a name for him? What if people who know him read my blog?  I questioned so many things about writing about the relationship, but the biggest issue I had was "What if I go back and read my old blogs and I sound stupid?" It had happened before. Writing about someone whom I loved, although never mentioning them by name, made me happy. It was a good way to express my thoughts, and vent, but going back to read them hurt. 

Is it possible, that I don't want to blog about my life, including my relationships, because of me? I've been through some interesting relationships. I've been cheated on, i've gotten close, only for it not to work, and I have argued every few days, and eventually broke it off. I don't know if I want to ever come back and haunt me. 

Then again, maybe that will be my challenge. To blog, and be honest about how I feel, without fear of ever seeing them again.

I think I just found my New Year's resolution!


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