iPhone Users Have More Sex

7 years ago
Young man holding iphone in front of mouth, studio shot

iPhone users have more sex.

That's what the popular dating site OkCupid said in a recent post on its OkTrends blog after going over the number of sexual partners of 9,785 smart phone users.

OkCupid prides itself on its web culture studies, which use information its users submit on their profiles and the site's personality tests. To date, OkCupid surveys have included a breakdown of lies people tell in online dating and the most successful type of photo to use on a profile.

In this particular study, they were actually looking for which cameras led to more attractive profile photos. During analysis, they crossed the cameras to other user behavior and found that, thanks to their “Dating Persona” and “Slut Test,” which asks users for a count of sexual partners, they had the data to see which smartphone users got the most play.

According to their data, iPhone users have the most sexual partners, followed by BlackBerry users and lastly, by Android users.

They also broke down the data by gender among those in the 30-year-old sample, finding women smartphone users consistently had more sexual partners than their male counterparts. Among Android users men had six partners in their lifetimes, while woman had 6.1. Of BlackBerry users, men had 8.1 and women had 8.8. Male iPhone users had 10 sexual partners while the women in the category had 12.3.

As an iPhone user, I find this an amusing study. Naturally, one must take into account the fact that the number of sexual partners is something most of us began accumulating before we got our hands on a smartphone, so there is no real causality in the data.

Then again, considering how often Apple fucks its users, they may not be entirely wrong either.

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