10 Ways to Keep the Wedded Bliss and Avoid the Marital Thorns

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Marriage is pure bliss.

I say not. Sometimes it’s stinky and thorny.

Marriage is wonderful, but at times it can be as appealing as a laundry basket full of dirty clothes, broken toys, broken crayons, and unpaired socks. You have to be crazy, really passionately crazy, to want to ride it out till the end.


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Unfortunately fortunately for my husband, I am one of those women who likes and loves to stay married. I am in for the long haul and he can never get rid of me even if he wanted to (I’d like to think he feels lucky about this). 


In our once adventurous marital trip to hell and back, I have realized that there are a two things in life that married couples need to remember: You are ONE but you are also two DIFFERENT individuals. Respect that. There is no use in forcing your husband to watch Desperate Housewives series (no judging) just because you think there are moral lessons that can be learned from doing so.

In 2014, I have resolved that I shall be a better spouse and I have listed 10 fool-proof ways that I can show my love to the Mister. If I’m a fool, he is my proof... kidding.

1. Autopilot does not work in marriage.

Brace yourself and be an active participant. It’s not a merry-go-round on which you can just sit back and anticipate just how high or how low marriage life can take you after a couple of trial spins. Often, it’s like being inside a washing machine in full cycle. The nausea will make you want to close your eyes and just tumble along for the ride. Wake up and get the hell out of the machine.

Do not hope for the troubles to go away by themselves. Work it. Talk. Sort it out. Never play guessing games. If you feel hurt because of what he said or did, talk about it. Holding a grudge and rehashing the pain over and over in your head will only embed the frustration deeper.  Then you realize that the laundry pile has become way too high and so soiled that both of you would not dare touch it anymore and shopping for new clothes would seem like a better idea. It is not.

P.S. The red shirt that stains should never go into the machine with the white ones. Keep the drama between the The Mister V. and yourself.

2. Fight like kids.

Have you seen how your kids fight? Give them 10 minutes and they are back to being best buddies again. Forgive easily.

3. Do not go historical.

The issue of who broke the TV 3 years ago has nothing to do with with a recent discussion over the missing remote control.

4. Know which side you are on.

You should understand that you and the Mister should be each others best allies. You are on the same team. When you fight, know who the enemy is. Most of the time, the enemy is not the one wearing an identical ring as yours. Your enemy is time, unresolved issues, and unrealistic expectations. Your spouse is your teammate and your partner. Except when dinner is pizza. Then it becomes a competition.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Let go of the small stuff. So what if he leaves the socks in his shoes when he gets home. Be happy he is home.

6. Watch your mouth.

Just because it sounds witty and right in your head doesn’t mean it is. And no, you don’t need to say things three times. You can be very irritating sometimes.

7. Laugh more.

It is okay to laugh at your blunders at home. You are not perfect and you will never be a perfect wife. If your husband wanted a perfect partner, he could have ordered one online but no, he chose you and all your imperfections. Relax, you are okay. Seriously, you need to work on your baking skills because my God, your husband can only eat so much burnt stuff!

8. Stop pestering your husband to vote for you on TMB every single day. 

He’s got more important things to do in life like, you know, make a living. Pretending to be sad about it and claiming he loves you less is childish and seriously not cute. The same goes when forcing him to pluck your grey hairs.

9. Learn to iron.



iron lady 2

10. Give him your full attention when you are in a conversation.

Your head, facing him while your eyes are glued to the laptop does not count, nor does occasional nodding while tweeting. This should include, but not be limited to, date nights. Seriously woman, your blog cannot hug you back during cold nights. Give your man some lovin’!





To Mister V. if you are reading this, you can hug me anytime now. Mwah!


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