I'm here?

3 years ago

The weather is so nice here. It’s not too hot nor is it too cold. I step off the elevator to see a limo guy with a sign and my name on it. Would you believe I did all of this in these shoes. See what happened was …. “That’s me.” I said with a bright smile and a wave. I am looking like a super star and I’m surprise to see that he sent a driver for me, but what else would he do, I am his guest. “You’re sure?” he said looking over his dark expensive sunglasses. “He said to ask you a question. Do you mind?” “Go ahead.” I said gesturing with my hands for him to hurry. “Can I lick you up your …” Let’s get real. I did come close to pulling back my right hand over my left shoulder and giving him the biggest bitch slap that any one inside the airport has ever seen. “If that is his question tell him I will be on the next plane home.” I simply walk by him and right outside into the chilled air. Before you get it twisted, I had money in my pocket, or have you forgotten I sell a lot of dildo’s out of my trunk. Not to mention that when he sent me the money for the ticket, he sent much much more. I am not dumb that I’m going to spend my money to come to see a man, a rich man at that. I ask one of the baggage handlers to please get me a cab. The limo guy came rushing out screaming that it was all a joke. He tried to explain that he was just having some extra fun. The baggage handler got me a cab, opened the door and I was gone. I’m not crazy. He didn’t have the right to come at me that way, joke or no joke. I admit I was hot under the collar and didn’t want to hear a word out of his mouth. “Where to Miss.” The cab driver asked, her eyes looking at me strange through the rearview mirror. Her accent told me that we were from the same area. When I mentioned the local school I attend she shouted with joy because she remembered me and I remembered her. “Lizzie, I need to do some major shopping.” I smiled. “Do you know where I can get some toys?” “Do you remember Janet? Well she owns her own toy store.” She made a quick left and was on the highway in no time. “Honey, I go there just to see what is new and wait for it to go on sale if there is any left.” She gave a hand gesture to the old guy in the electric car who tried to cut her off. “If I know Janet, and I do, she will be glad to see a familiar face.” Looking back on the old school days, Janet was truly a woman after my own heart. We talked for close to an hour about things that were going on back were we grew up. We discussed friends and foes, good and bad and all things in between. She stopped in the middle of the block in front of what I would call the largest adult toy store I have ever seen. I stepped out of the cab into a world of wonder. Two hours later I walked out of the store with three large bags and two hundred dollars less in my pocket. Afterwards I went shopping for some clothes at some very nice stores that I have never heard of but enjoyed what they had to offer. I filled the trunk of the cab and was in a way glad to see the hotel I had a reservation with, I was tired. It was a good thing that I set up my hotel with my credit card. Lizzie helped me check in, take my stuff up to the room and made plans to hook up soon. We hugged goodbye and she was on her way with a large tip in her bra. I walked in to be amazed at the beauty of the large room. “This can’t be right.” I thought walking into a complete living room with a gigantic television over the fireplace. The white leather sectional, though dated, was beautiful. To my right was a setting room with a white baby grand piano and to my left was a complete chief’s kitchen with designer dishes and crystal stemware. Along the far side wall a spiral staircase leading to the second floor. The price I set up for the room was very cheap. I could only think that they got confused in my reservation package. I ordered on of those meeting rooms where at the end of the day I could pull a bed out of the wall. I took my time walking up the stairs, taking in the fabulous chandelier hanging high on the vaulted ceiling. Red rose petals laid softly scattered on the floor as if out off one of those romance novels one would read in their teens. My mind raced with thoughts of me intruding in on some woman waiting on her man to return from a hard day at the race track after losing all of their money. “It took you long enough to get here.” The voice drifted from the far end. I saw a door to the room was jarred and was ready to run back down stairs and out the door. “Just come on in.” It was his voice and I wanted to run into his arms. But what about the words of the limo driver, could he be that rude. Reaching the opened door, I pushed it and was surprise to see him in the bed naked with a large bottle of expensive Champagne between his legs. “Where are the new toys or am I going to have to use this.”

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