I'll Have What She's Having

4 years ago
I’ll Have What She’s Having
Posted on February 7, 2014

UnknownThe 15 Minute O… Oh… Ohhh… Ohhhhhh!

Oh my! I have certainly come a long way baby!!! A few years ago there was no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks I would have posted this next topic. Things change, people change, and you know what… I’m not even embarrassed by it. Five years ago I would have blushed brighter than a neon sign… but now? Nope.

It’s Friday… and I promised I would help to make your weekend a little more… pleasurable. Tonight I am broaching the subject of the Female Orgasm. Orgasmic Meditation to be exact. A 15 minute calm yet deep explosion of pleasure. Well, at least that is what I’m led to believe. As a single girl I am unable to test out this research.

This is an exercise to be shared between couples. It’s totally for the female… however many men receive pleasure from the experience (again, so I’m told)… as he has an important function.

First watch Nicole Daedone’s (author of Slow Sex) TedTalk… HERE… where she explains what this is all about. I think you will find it interesting. THEN go to her website OneTasteto see a video of how it’s done and get a better understanding of the process and what you gain from the experience.

Due to my research on PTSD I’ve learned a lot about the brain, chemicals in the brain, and what gets released when. Orgasm is good for both men and women in so many ways… not only just for pleasure, but for mental health as well. Who knew?? BTW… one of the most intriguing facts I learned is Rutgers University has an Orgasm Research Lab!!! The only one in the country. They have Orgasm Researchers too! Wow! Now THERE’S a job I bet you never thought existed.

I gotta tell ya guys… this could go down in the record books as being the best Valentine’s Day gift EVER!!! It sure beats getting a Vermont Teddy Bear!!

Normally I love getting comments and emails from you all… but I beg of you… PLEASE do not tell me if you tried this and how it all turned out. It would be like telling a blind man how beautiful the sunset is that he’s missing. All of my research has been scientific and clinical… giving it a personal edge would just embarrass me. A simple Thank You is sufficient.

However… that being said… I DO thank you for all the emails you have send so far!!! I love hearing that you are trying to re-connect and it seems to be working. It’s encouraging for me to know I made you ‘wake up’ and showed you that love is there if you work at it. If only ONE couple walks away this month closer to each other and more in love than they were in the beginning… then I’m a very happy person!!!

BTW… Did you get the movie reference in the title?? Jot your answer in the comment section if you know the movie.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Deb Hathaway



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