Igniting The Flame

3 years ago

If you are married and have been so for 10 or more years you may have gone through periods of time where you think the grass is greener being single.  Let us assure you, it is not!  (Assuming you are in a healthy marriage.)  We have met with countless single people who are looking to find someone great to go thru life with.  Most all relationships ebb and flow and it is typical for couples to go through mundane times throughout the span of your marriage.  These are the times where you may think, is he/she still the right person for me?  If you are in a respectful, committed and happy marriage then you have what most people strive to attain so the answer is yes.  Even the best relationships go thru periods of time where the spark seems to be missing.  Not too worry, it can usually find its way back into your relationship. 

Here are a few tips for keeping the sizzle alive when things get mundane…

1. Make a list of the positive and attractive qualities of your spouse:  This will remind you of what you are hot for in regards to your partner. 

For example Ladies:  He has great biceps, he is great in bed, he is so smart…etc.   For example Guys:  She is so sexy, she has silky hair, beautiful eyes…etc.

2. Exercise together:    Get your endorphins charged together while you sweat.  Watching your spouse work out can be a big turn on.Couple running

3. Read a trashy romance novel:  Nothing ignites your passion then a juicy read.  Let your imagination run wild and bring some of the passion to your bedroom.Fifty Shades of Grey


4. Set aside a date night at a hotel:  It can be a fancy hotel or a trashy one where you only go for an hour…hahaha, yes an hour.  Make the date solely about sex and maybe even meet at the hotel as if you are having an affair.  (Only acceptable with your spouse!)

Hotel Room

5. Plan a night out just the two of you for dinner out and get kinky on the way:  If your husband is driving, have him pull over someplace private and rock his world.  Throw inhibitions aside and bring back the passion.  Same goes for you guys, if your wife is driving.

There are many ways to reignite your passion.  It just takes some effort on both of your parts.  If you have a great spouse who you really want to spend a lifetime with then it is totally worth it. 


~ T2B


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