But I’ve known him/her forever…well sometimes forever ends quicker than usual

3 years ago

This has been a topic that has been running in and out of my brain for a while now. People place so much on two things when it comes to friendship. Like I said anything I say is my opinion if you don’t agree please feel free to comment.

Ok, so here is my thing I don’t base my friendships off of time spent together. Meaning that if I have known you for 10 years and someone else for five years you don’t automatically have seniority in my book. Example, what if you’ve known someone for five years, but they take a turn for the worse. They begin taking drugs (now this doesn’t affect you head on, but because it’s your friend you feel some way about it), then they start disappearing, and so does your stuff eventually. Are you going to say “Well he/she is my friend I have to remain a friend because I’ve known them for five years etc.” Hell no! You’re going to say call me when you want to try to get your life together, and I’ll be here for you.

Now that’s an extreme example, but just take a look at your relationships in general. I tend to take the level approach, meaning I take the “what have you done in my life to change me.” All my friends are on different levels some are higher than others, but they are all my friends. No one is based off time spent because I have a friend that I’ve known for five years, but I know that she’s not as close to me as some of my friends that I’ve known for only two.

Friendship is not about the amount of time you’ve spent together it is all about what level your friendship is on. It is based off of what you bring to the table, and how you influence each other’s lives in a positive manner. I’m not going stay friends with someone that brings me down all the time because they are unhappy with their lives. I don’t care if I’ve known them for 80 years; I love me more. The problem is that people base their foundation of a friendship more or less on convenience.

Convenience means to come in handy or to be expedient. You become used to the fact that this person is your “friend” without truly remembering what a friend really is. And if I base it off of time then I have plenty of friends. Friends are not those who bail on you for the next best dude/girl in their lives only to come back when it doesn’t work.

I guess my point is that a lot of people are not realizing what the word “friend” really means let alone what emotions come along with it. So take this time to re-evaluate your “friends.” The easiest way of doing this is to weed out your “Social Media” friends, and truly just realize that not everyone on your timeline is a friend. Be comfortable in that and you will relieve a lot of problems that you face. Especially as it relates to your personal business because the more people that are in your life the less private your life becomes. Ok ladies and gents that’s my advice at the end of the day the word “friend” is being used a little too much for comfort.

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