I don't want to be called "The Wife", unless I really am.

3 years ago
put a ring on itAfter almost 8 years of being in a relationship, I am not married. I am not mad, but don't call me "The Wife" 
My significant other, my soulmate and my best friend. Yup, he is all of that, except for the days I want to cut him. Then, I call him names that I probably should not repeat, or actually ever say, but that's a whole other blog post. I digress ... Back to the matter at hand. 

My partner, ( I guess that's the acceptable term these days, for living in sin, not that I believe in that ) and I have been living together for around 7 years. Why I don't know the exact date, you may ask? Well I am not one of those girls that needs an anniversary or a milestone to be appreciated. Would I like one? The answer is yes. Does it change who we are together, no. We Women, are complicated.

When we first met, I was separating from my now ex-husband and had a bad taste for marriage in my mouth. I clearly remember saying to him I never want to get married again. (I have now learned, in my age and wisdom, to not make statements that I may regret, especially in these *learning moments) . So we are not married and that is ok. We are together, we are in love and he supports my children as if they were his own. What more could a girl ask for?  

So what's the problem? The honest truth is, I am not his wife, and I don't want to be labelled "The Wife". I am his girlfriend. I am his roommate, friend, lover, maid, cook and, you get the point. 

We aren't married! 
Seems pretty simple, right? Whether you believe in the institute of marriage or not, to me, it is still an institute, with privileges that come with it. With so many humans fighting for the right to marry each other legally. I don't believe it is fair to minimize it. Ellen Degeneres once said, and I quote: 

I hope the Supreme Court will do the right thing, and let everyone enjoy the same rights. It’s going to help keep families together. It’s going to make kids feel better about who they are. And it is time

So labelling me "The Wife" without the rights that come with it, to me, is a big deal. Plus, I don't have a big shiny ring on my finger and as Beyonce once said "If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it" 

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