I bought a sewing machine, now what?

7 years ago

Mrs. H

As an Army Spouse I've learned to fend for myself.  Wait...wrong...I don't fend for myself out my choosing but rather out of my stubborness.  Hmph, okay, now that we have that little bit of information cleared up let's continue.  So, I fend for myself.  I can change a car tire, bandage a scratch, take out the garbage, knit a very nice dish cloth, practice lacrosse and even paint  toe nails.  I don't sew.  More accurately, I cannot sew!  The thought of a needle pulsating up and down so close to my fingers is disturbing.

My great-grandmother tried to teach me.  I remember standing at her side while she pumped the pedal to  make the needle move up and down.  I even remember the polyester fabric she used to make cushions - I remember how it felt and how it smelt.  That was grandma.  If she could see me trying to fabric glue my son's school costume together (uneven cuts and frayed edges,) she would cry.  Sorry grandma, I didn't get the sewing gene.

To make a long story rather short:

Hubby is out of the state for 13 weeks!  The 13 weeks leading up to Christmas!  We just moved here, and he's gone already - story of our life.  It is that simple.  He had to leave; it is out of his control.  Please don't worry, he isn't hanging out in the sand box or anything like that.  He is safe and sound in a beautiful hotel with room service complaining that he is bored with Saturday football.  Yeah, he really shouldn't complain that he is bored!

Oh, sorry.  I got off track.  When he isn't home I don't sleep.  I just don't.  It is horrible.  My mind wonders to all the things I need and want to accomplish.  In the middle of the night some time between "unreasonable" and "seriously I'm still not asleep" I got the Brite Idea to make gift bags for the holidays.  Our children are all getting older and could really care less how their Christmas presents are wrapped.  This year the Hayes' are going green.  Well, maybe not green but close.  In my sleep deprived state, I research sewing machines and find a GREAT deal that I just can't pass up.  I know, I know!  But he left the credit card.  And, in all fairness, we had talked about this just a few weeks prior.

I place my order thinking I would have at least 7 -10 days to decide I didn't want the thing.  Wrong.  So Very Wrong.  Four days later the delivery guy rings my bell...sewing machine delivered.  Wow!  That was fast.  Now I'm rather frightened.  Do I leave it closed and send it back?  Hmmm 

Twenty minutes after delivery the box was open, flaps pulled back, sitting in the middle of our family room floor.  It stayed there until my son came home from school six hours later.  All day long I walked by peeking through the styrofoam at the knobs and buttons thinking that I could still return it.  I had only opened the top!  That was before little man insisted that we take it out the box.  He has great hopes for this machine - costumes that are straight and buttons that will hold items closed.  Such pressure!  Buttons?  He can't be serious!  I have issues sewing a loose button back on a shirt, and he wants to make button holes?  If it wasn't for the look of anticipation on his face, I'd have taped the box shut and called Fedex in the morning for a pickup.

We took the thing out of the box (it doesn't look anything like I remember grandma's) and plugged it in.  Yep, light came on.  That was good enough for me!

It has been sitting on the living room coffee table with swatches of fabric and a bag of thread (What?  I couldn't decide on a brand, type or color) for a week.  I really should plug it in tomorrow and try to thread a bobbin (sewing machine lingo!)  Perhaps.  But, I still have time to send it back!

He left me with the credit card and the internet.  Enough said, right?

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