How to keep your man and not chase him away.

5 years ago

How to keep your man

 Here are eight things that will chase him away. Get rid of them.


  • Jealously

Most women are worried about other women taking there man. It May be because those other women in your mind might be prettier, funnier or even smarter. First off remember this man choose you not them. Being jealous of every female will in the end chase your man away. It shows low self-esteem which is also not a favorable trait.  Cut off the jealously there’s no need for it.


  • Not giving him space

A lot of you lady’s might do this and I am also guilty of doing this in the past. Not giving a man space is like suffocating him.

If he’s busy playing video games, watching TV, or something that’s not involving you let him do it. As long as he’s helping out with the house, kids and bills what’s the problem? No one likes to be smothered.  It’s out of respect. Just do it.


  • Keep looking clean and decent

When you first meet your man most likely you dressed up and always looked your best. Why stop? Just because you get comfortable in a relationship doesn’t mean you should look like a bum all the time. Yes, we get busy with our lives but it goes for both us. If we both stay clean and look good more often than not then we will both be happier.


  • Not Communicating

If you have a problem, discuss it with your man. They’re not mind readers. Just expecting them to know everything doesn’t work. It just makes the relationship more stressful. Talk and let them know.


  • Talking to death

I know I said in number four to communicate, that didn’t mean nag him to death. Women talk a lot more than they should. I know from experience. Give him a break once in a while. Maybe chill on talking his ear off and just listen.


  • Not complimenting him enough

Men like to hear it once in a while just like women do. “Hey you look great today” Instead of constantly telling him what he did wrong today how about tell him something nice instead. Everyone needs it once in a while. It will make him feel better therefore putting him in a good mood.


  • Not knowing what he likes or interest him

The world may seem to evolve around women and what they want, but what about men? Get involved with things they like. It shows that you care and know what he likes. Also goes for in the bedroom.


  • Not supporting his dreams

You want to be supported with everything you do? So do men. He wants to be a college professor or owner of a business, whatever it may be, be there and support. As long as he’s not digging a hole for himself, be there. Show that you care and love him enough to believe that he can do everything he sets his mind too. Every relationship needs support. It should be automatic.


In the end he’ll appreciate everything, or if he doesn’t then it’s on him.

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