I really don’t think looks play as big of a part as women think they do when it comes to men falling in love with a woman……It is more about who the woman is overall….The package deal…..and most of that package is made up of those little things about  a woman…….So what is it that attracts a man to a woman and gets him “hooked” to the point of wanting to marry her?

I have been married a long time now….but in my single days I had a long list of suitors…..even some now that I casually keep in touch with as friends…..(no hanky panky talk with them…just friendship)…..I had a certain style when I dated a guy and I think I attracted a certain type of guy…..not sure what that was now…but it did seem most leaned towards wanting to marry me as a result…….

As a single woman if I truly was interested in  a guy I took my time in letting him get to know me….I was always a fabulous listener and let him talk as much as he wanted and I listened as much as he wanted…..I think the fact that I listened really turned guys on to fall in love with me….People are starved to be listened to and understood and I think they felt that I understood them….I also guided my conversations towards areas of interest….that they were interested in that would somehow involve me in the picture…..For example, if they loved golf I would ask them to teach me in their spare time…They were always more than willing to help…..

I also didn’t kiss on the first date….I know that sounds really old fashioned….but I made them wait…..I wanted to build some tension there….good tension and I did….lots of it….I also wanted to know who I was kissing…..and that takes time…..My best relationships were long distance because it really gave both of us time to develop the relationships through letters and phone calls…..When dating one needs a “wall” that keeps the two separate enough to be able to slowly build the relationships….

I think now a days people go way way too fast in trying to establish the relationship….Intimacy too fast destroys the relationship as far as I am concerned….So for me I simply took my time…..lots of it….I let the relationship build over time….I let them FALL IN LOVE WITH ME……I let them tell me they loved me….I never had to ask…..

I think women today cling to men quickly….and in my opinion it scares a man…Men do get scared the same way a woman would if a man got too clingy….What I see with women is that most get clingy too fast and want an instant commitment….When a woman begins to press the man normally backs off…..So I suggest letting the men take the initiative…

The day I met my husband I had woke that day spiritually knowing I was going to meet my husband that day. I had an overwhelming sense of a man coming into my life….Everywhere I went that day I could feel his presence even though I had not yet met him…..Then that night….He walked in the door….

We had only talked for 5 minutes before he asked me for my telephone number….His plane had broken down and he was “stuck” there for 3 days in my town….He woke me at 7am the next morning to tell me that I was going to be  his wife….I said “Yes, I know, and please call me back when I am awake” He did and we talked several hours getting to know each other….The following day we had our first date to the gym and the beach….We only held hands….It was magic….3 days later he was gone….calling and writing constantly in between…..One month later he came back and we took a 2 week vacation together…..It was all wonderful and yet I maintained a distance while being with him to keep our relationship fresh and alive….

One year later we were married…….and Now many years later we have had a wonderful journey together…A few bumps in the road of life along the way…but doesn’t everyone…..And so here we are…..We are happy, together, and looking forward to the future while enjoying the present….

So I guess I know a little about “how to get a man to fall in love with you…”….I can’t say my style will work for everyone….but it worked time and time again for me……Perhaps my sharing will at least get those who want a relationship to think about “taking it slow” and truly enjoying the journey……..

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