5 Stunning Wedding Website Builders

3 years ago
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A wedding is a special occasion for everyone involved, the couple about to get married, their parents, friends, and even those who cater to the needs of the wedding. So, it’s obvious that one would also expect to have a phenomenal website for their special day. This is exactly why you have a range of dedicated website builders to help you create the perfect wedding site. Weddings might be the most universally traditional occasions, but that hasn’t stopped wedding websites from becoming a major hit. Wedding websites have also been gaining worldwide popularity because couples can consider it to be their bit to save paper and the environment.

A wedding website can be a hub of engagement for your friends and family, because most site builders come with special wedding-based features like gift registry links, online RSVPs, and even links to nearby hotels and accommodations.  Some even come with live notifications that update all your attendees of any change in schedule! The icing on the cake, however, has to be the fact that wedding website builders can save you lots of time and money, automating a number of mundane tasks that eat into your schedule. There is a good list of TOP Website Builders for Wedding but here's a round-up of 5 of the best wedding website builders available today:


 AppyCouple - www.appycouple.com

AppyCouple is an awesome wedding website builder and great for those who have young and tech-savvy guests on the list. As a special feature, this website builder not only gives you a cool wedding website, but even allows your guests to download a dedicated app for your special day. AppyCouple features hundreds of beautiful and unique designs to choose from, and they come in a responsive design that adapt to the size of any device screen, presenting your web content, illustrations and colors in the best possible manner.  Some of the available designs even come with matching invitations, and allow you to make last minute changes to your design without the need to go back to where you came from. The builder charges a one-time fee for personalization. This site builder combines your wedding app and site in one.

 Appycouple offers wedding website developers with:

  • Over 300 website-themed designs to coordinate with your wedding.
  • Additional features like automated widgets, guest management, RSVPs software, gift registries, and videos.
  • An option to create and customize your own table cards.
  • The ability to send reminders and receive virtual toasts from your guests via an integrated feature.


WeddingWoo - www.weddingwoo.com


WeddingWoo is another great site builder that gives users a unique platform that they can use to create beautiful, functional wedding websites. The builder allows the wedding party to share information with their guests, and even store and share photos of the big day. WeddingWoo is most popular for playing the double role of a wedding organizer, helping users keep track of everything from the catering to the guest list. The site’s builder is based on the popular “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) styled editor that makes site building simple and allows users to customize their wedding site as they please. Overall, WeddingWoo is a popular wedding website builder that offers great quality at an affordable price.

 WeddingWoo is a great website builder that gives you:

  • One of the best free website building experiences, with its trial version.
  • Supreme value that is the perfect combination of quality and affordability.
  • Best in-class feature as compared to competitors.
  • Extensive organizing and scheduling capabilities.


The Knot - www.theknot.com


The Knot is a wedding website builder for the obsessive couple as it not only allows them to create a unique wedding website, but allows them to keep a close eye on your site’s activities. The Knot is also one of the safest website builders on the market, putting it leagues ahead of the competition. The builder features over a 100 themes and designs that greatly speed up the process of customization. The Knot also has an easy image sharing feature that allows for user and guest submitted images. The site won’t just build your wedding site, but can also help you prepare for your wedding, with and in-built budget application, to-do list, and guest management system. This impressive feature-set provides users with a very complete wedding website.

 The Knot is a comprehensive and convenient wedding site builder that gives you:

  • A virtual guest book to help you track your guests and their activity.
  • An online RSVP software that allows you to find out the number of attendees for the big day.
  • Highly-secure pages that limits access to only certain members or groups that enables users to control who sees their content.

WeddingWindow - www.weddingwindow.com


WeddingWindow is a feature-rich wedding website builder that has rightfully earned its place on the list of top website builders for weddings. Apart from captivating design themes, the builder provides a number of planning & organizing tools such as secured personal journals, reminder and guest list management. WeddingWindow is probably the only full-feature free wedding website builder in the market, giving a number of paid builders a run for their money. The highlight of this builder has to be the various add-on applications that you can add to your site, allowing users to customize their sites as per their convenience. WeddingWindow is also one of the safest builders in the market, offering users multi-layer password protection that allows them to limit site access.

 WeddingWindow is an intuitive website builder that gives you:

  • The ability to create flash intros for your website.
  • Social media plugins to make sure everyone is connected.
  • A completely free wedding website builder that has the features to match premium builders.

eWedding - www.ewedding.com


eWedding is one of the newest website builders on the market, but has already garnered worldwide attention. The site’s choice of themes is limited, owing to its recent launch, so you can be sure there’ll be more. However, for what the site lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for it in terms of quality. eWedding also offers one of the simplest user interfaces in the industry, with users being able to choose and begin customizing their website with a single mouse click. The best part about eWedding is the ability for users to upload content that can later be downloaded by their visitors, in a format of their preference. An in-built password protection feature ensures that your big day remains as private as you want it to be, allowing users to create their own mailing lists. The event calendar is another useful feature that allows you to post various details about your big day, and the events leading up to it. The eWedding site builder also allows users to make last minute changes without ruining the setup of the rest of the site.

 eWedding is a high-performance wedding website builder that gives you:

  • A free wedding website building platform that not only creates a website for your wedding, but also helps you to plan for it.
  • An unlimited photo uploads option.
  • A site builder that will not just help you create your site, but will automate a number of simple tasks for you.
  • A fun & unique polls and quizzes game allows a couple to find out how much their friends and family know about them.

All images are courtesy of screenshots of each website.

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