How to ask a guy out

7 years ago

In today's day and age, women are taking control. They are stepping up to the plate to take control instead of waiting on the guy to make a move. I think this is awesome. Some guys out there don't like an independent woman, it makes them feel insecure. Well boo hoo guys! We women are taking over!

1. Eye Contact

While you're talking to him, don't let your eyes wander. You want him to know that you are interested in him, not the surroundings.

2. Flirtation

A little harmless flirting never hurts. Give him a compliment or a light touch on the hand. He'll get the hint!

3. Spark His Interest

You need to know if this guy is gonna be all into you. Tell him a little detail about yourself (make it interesting) and see his reaction.

4. Just Ask

If you think he's as into you as you are to him, just ask!


*Don't act nervous! You can be nervous, just don't let it show.

*Smile alot. Show him those pearly whites.

*Don't let it be all about you. Ask him things about himself.

*Never stop paying him attention to answer a text.

*Don't act fake. Your first impression is what he's going to remember.

*If he says 'No', don't flip out. Just say 'ok' and continue talking.

*Person to person is always better than over the phone.

*DO NOT have a friend to ask him out for you.

*Don't be a pest. If he says no, never ask him 'why'.

~Angel C.


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