How and where to meet (good) guys

9 years ago
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I believe that it's crucial to begin a healthy, fulfilling
relationship with yourself - to understand YOUR likes and dislikes,
YOUR fears and dreams - before trying to share them with another
person. After all, if you don't know much about who you REALLY are ...
what good is that going to be in a relationship?! But ... once you have
headed down that path - when you're primed and equipped with a
relationship tool belt - what's left is the easy part, primarily
because there are men EVEYWHERE. As matter of fact there are
approximately 50 million single men in the United States- RIGHT NOW!!

So how do you meet these guys (since you've taken the time to invest
in yourself you, of course, want a guy who's done the same, and not
just any random guy in a bar!) So, here are some of my favorites:

1)Participate in a community dance class. Like the Five Rhythms
dance community (with locations throughout the United sates and world (
Moving your body, mind and spirit in a room filled with as many men as
women is a great place to meet great guys . There’s no alcohol involved
and most of the guys I have met there are on a spiritual path, which in
my book is always a must!! And after class, its especially easy to meet
people, most everyone hooks up for tea or something to eat. Everyone’s
hearts are open and soft. The time is ripe!!!

2)Another place where GREAT guys flock to is a golf tournament,
(which attracts a huge contingent of men!!) One of my favorites is the
AT&T pro am in Monterey California. And there are many others
around the country as well. And the thing I love about the tournaments
climate is that number one, all the spectators are there to enjoy
themselves, so the climates pretty relaxed and civilized I might add.
And the afterwards most everyone heads to an eatery or pub to relax. In
the mean time it's fun to watch the guys watch the game and then when
you’ve spotted a cutie, “Excuse me, uhhmm, I dint know much about golf,
I am here with a friend, what’s a birdie” or if you know your way
around a course, “Oh, he shanked that one…I can't watch. See you on the
green” (you casually whisper in his ear ;)

3)Normally I wouldn’t say a bar…so I won’t. And night clubs are so
loud and dark, you never know what you’re going to get in the light of
day. However there is one place I do recommend and that’s a fundraiser!
And besides what better place to see if a man readily puts his money
where his heart is! Finding a truly generous man is a gift, finding a
guy with a passion for a cause, wow even better. Even if it’s a can of
food at a food drive! It means this person went out of their way to
help make a difference~ And bonus, so can you, while you’re busy

4)All right, here is one of my all-time favorites, that we often
over look. It is The open air farmers market. And the great thing is
you can go alone!! Now they do say don’t s^&* where you eat, but
the good news is you can get food almost everywhere now a days (and if
things get sideways you can always order take out). Okay, so there you
are maybe you’ve seen the guy there before or not. Doesn’t matter. My
favorite sincere line is…”mmm that looks yummy” And viola, you have
made contact and you’re off to the fruit stand together yakking about
the price of strawberries for your smoothie. And remember, a guy who
takes care to put good things in his body, is more likely to take care
of other parts of his life, like a healthy relationship!

5)And my latest favorite place is a comedy club ~ They are fun and
usually attract people with great senses of humor. Here in Nor cal we
have  a great comedy club called the Throckmorton. Dana Carvey and
Robin Williams live in town so they randomly show up and make you laugh
so hard you think you might cough up your stomach. Okay so maybe that’s
not attractive but here's what is: during the intermission people get
up a mill about, perfect time for some flirty comedy review. Who
doesn’t love a  man with a great sense of humor!!  

6)And last on my list, while it may be intimidating, is a symposium
or festival. Yep. And really fun too. You get to be around things that
interest you which is a great way to meet other people that are into
what you are. Compatibility is even more important the longer you are
in any relationship!! And part of that includes sharing things in
common. So pick out an event that actually interests you, like The
Health and Harmony festival held in California, or a writers conference
held on Maui every year or a science fair or Social Network symposium
or a Money Summit~ There are tons of them going on all of the time. And
yes, you can absolutely go alone!! Then once inside there are so many
ways to practice your inner-viewing skills. You may even just
try…”Hello!” For most men, that’s all they need, a foot in the door!!

I wish you many blessings as you have fun with your urge to merge!!

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