HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – Getting Hot At The Halloween Shop

5 years ago

HotMovies4Her TipsWhile there may be Christmas decorations already on sale at your local Target, we are actually only at October 22nd, which means that Halloween is still a little more than a week away!  And though it’s not official, Halloween has become a holiday that gives folks permission to let their sexiest selves out for the evening.  Just look at all the racy costumes that are on the racks!

Since sultry is quickly moving right up the next to spooky on the list of adjectives for this haunting holiday, I thought it would be best to offer up four tips on how to use the costume shop to get your sexy on, for all 365 dirty days of the year!

1.  Find some fantastic role playing paraphernalia!  The Halloween shop is perfect for finding fairly inexpensive costumes for all of your dirty fantasy play.  Don’t know what kind of action you are into?  Bring your partner to the store with you and try on a bunch of different outfits to find which ones get your blood pumping.  If you are planning it to be a surprise, pick the costumes that make you feel the sexiest – because the sexier you feel, the more confident you will be, and confidence is hot no matter what you are wearing!  For the best deals, wait for November 1st to get the costumes on the deepest discounts.  The selection may not be as great, but you may take a chance on something you’ve never imagined with the steep savings.

2. If you find the costumes to be a little too cost prohibitive, spend a little time looking at accessories.  Even a few cheap props can make the experience so much more fun.  Have a policewoman fantasy?  Grab a cheap pair of cuffs and a badge, and throw on some blue panties and a bra you already have.  Done!  Also, use the prepared costumes to get ideas for creating your own sexytime duds.  All you need is a short plaid skirt and a button down shirt to become a naughty school girl – there’s no need to purchase a costume shop version.

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