Did you just say Herpes?!

3 years ago

My friends and I went out together all the time. Friends would be more friends, who we'd also go out with. There was an excellent mix to pick from. One in particular, Steve was gorgeous, toned, tattoed, and could make a crack in a wall smile. 


We had a house party then went to the bars. Nothing spectacular happened, the evening was filled with booze and flirting. Steve was flirting me and every one else. I don't remember really feeling anything besides straight up lust. Steve had gone out with us a few times and he never asked for my number or a date or to even hang out. 

None of those things crossed my mind at the end of the night and Steve seemed to be eyeing me. We got back to the house and if I recall correctly Steve was on the couch in the living room. I believe I found an excuse to leave my bedroom and go to the living room. The excuse was just an opening for an invitation. 


We had sex on the floor in my bedroom. The sex was in every sense of the word, unsatisfying. I do not judge a man's sexual ability on the size of his penis. And somehow this beautiful man, who I assumed to be well endowed was not. Not an issue, but he didn't seem to know what to do with it. And not be mean or hurtful, I swear I didn't feel him enter me, but alchols distorts things, right lol 


He crept out my room, we both agreed to this, people didn't need to know. I of course told my friends, who I thought would be thrilled, because well, I deserved a high five for how hot he was. There were no smiles on their faces, only concern. Rumor had it, Steve had herpes.  I almost, literally shit my pants. They asked if I used a condom, I lied and said yes. I rarely, if ever had unprotected sex, and one of the few times I do, this happens. Fuck me. I scheduled a gyno appointment IMMEDIATELY. Everything came back negative, but I still couldn't breath. STDs can take months to show up, I went back 6 months later. Everything was still negative and currently is for those who are wondering. 


You really would think that round two of care free sex would've been my last, but it wasn't.  For whatever stupid reason I had, which I'm sure was the was thought of by the attention whore portion of me, said let's try this again. This led to me having sex with Harry.  It went the exact same way as the evening with Steve, though some aspects differ. We had sex on the floor, but size wasn't the issue, it was his style. He was so....delicate, always asking me if everything is ok. I thought sex with him would be like his personality; fun, crazy, and will leave you with a big smile on your face. None of the above happened. 


This phase was over. I had sex with three people and instead of it being wonderful and care free, I've never worried more. It was time a for a change, one that's good my soul. 




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