Her Husband, My Man

4 years ago

Now before you all go on thinking that I am a home wrecker, let me let you all know that it is not that type of party.  I don’t like the idea of being the other woman or anything associated with that, but sometimes you end up in situations because some one was not truthful.  Well, that is sort of the case, but not the case.

I was out a couple of weeks ago with a friend, having fun and just enjoying spending time with my girl because with our schedules (hers is really hectic), we don’t get to see other that much.  We use to work together and she is my daughter’s godmother.  But for the last couple of years, we rarely get to see each other and get the girls together (our daughters).  But when we do, we make the most of it, LOL.

Well, while we we were out enjoying ourselves I ended up noticing some one from my past; tall, medium build, caramel completion, with dimples, with the body of a god…SEXY FINE, LOL!!!  I tried to hide but he spotted me.  I was like “shoot, my night would have been great if I had not seen him”, but uh, it was too late.  Our eyes met and it was like the being of something.  Before I get to the next part, let me give a little background information on how this topic came about.

Any who, how this situation came about was, my friend and I would make fun of the fact that her husband took both of us out last year to a ball.  We laugh about it because I said that I was their date and she says it was more like I was her date and her husband was our escort, LOL.  Well, while attending the event, I saw Mr. Sexy Fine and we exchanged glances and even spoke, but after that I did my best to avoid him.  I had found out that he was married and although we had history, I just didn’t want to find myself going back down memory lane…well, it was too late for that.  The mere sight of this man brought back memories, all pleasant, I may add.  I could remember the way he felt, smelled and even spoke; remembering his mellow voice whispering in my ear the last time we were together.  This was all too much for me, but I did my best to keep it together and maintain.  And surprisingly, I was successful.  After that night, I did not really think of him; out of sight out of mind.

Fast forwarding back to this year, the sight of this man brought back those feelings yet again.  I tried my best to avoid him and was successful until he caught me off guard.  He came up behind me and slid his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear.  I almost fainted, and I guess that gave him the answer that he sought.  Last year, he may have questioned if I remembered our history, that night he knew that I did.

For most of the evening, I could feel his eyes on me.  The way that he looked at me sent chills up my spine and put a smile on my face.  Why?  You would have to know our history to understand that ( Jon B. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwZ9W5RC_NU).  It was like he followed my every move.  My friend noticed this, as well, and I am thinking that if she sensed it, so did others.  Well, this did not matter to Mr. Sexy Fine because he made sure to speak every chance he got.  I was like, “Wow, really”!!!  

Then it came to the point were he caught me off guard again.  This time we had a brief conversation.  He asked how I had been and of course I gave him the “Everything has been great”, with the head nod.  Then he asked about the children; we have know each other since we were young and he had been around when I had my first two.  I explained that they were doing well.  Then, of course, came the question of my marital status, as he looked me over and didn’t notice a ring on my finger.  I gave him the “No, I am not married.”  Then he hit me with “Why?”  I did not want to get into that conversation so I gave him a lame excuse and attempted to walk away.  He followed close behind and gently grabbed my hand to stop me, walked a little past me and when I tried to walk past him, it happened.  Yep, you guessed it, out of the blue he kissed me.  Now if you think that I almost fainted earlier, think of what I did when this happened!!!  After coming to my senses, I tried to get away because I just did not want to go there.  He caught me and asked me questions and reminded me of things.  I just couldn’t stand there any longer and I turned and walked away.  He called to me, I stopped, he said something that almost had me in tears; I started running (in heels I may add).  I didn’t want to turn to face him, I couldn’t face him.  I got in the car and had to calm myself down.  To think that this man still had this kind of effect on me, kind of bothered me and I just needed to get away quick.

Now, I like to joke around with my friend about her husband being our husband, LOL, but this situation right here did something to me.  I don’t tend to play with things of this nature because I wouldn’t want another woman after my husband.  And this situation had my friend questioning if all men acted this way.  I had to explain that it’s not the case, but some guys tend to want to play games to see what they can get away with.  Now don’t get me wrong, although it was not appropriate, Mr. Sexy Fine did not go on about how wrong things were and the whole spill that some guys do to and neither did I do the “Aww, I know that I can treat you better”.  It was merely a moment in time, he said what he said to me years ago before he was ever married, to confirm what I didn’t believe was real…then.  I know that most of us have heard the song  by Heather Headley (http://youtu.be/8XBMU9XkLLw), well, this is what some people may attribute things like this to, but that is neither the case.  We had what we had, more or less it is like the song by Adele “Someone Like You”.  This man is fine but he is taken and I respect that.

Stay sassy and sweet, until next time!!!


Simply Single Mommy

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