The Heart - A symbol of LOVE

4 years ago
The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants
Posted on February 6, 2014

“The heart wants what the heart wants – Or else it does not care.” Emily Dickinson.

Hearts – The symbol of love. Have you ever wondered why the heart became the symbol for love??? I asked myself that very question today and spent hours trying to get an answer. The best I could come up with was…
Way back in Greece, 323 BC… Aristotle thought the heart was the center of all emotion and passion. The brain meant nothing back then. The heart was located in the center of the body. It ached when you suffered a loss, it beat faster when excited by sex… then eventually he equated it to the emotion of love.

heart brain cartoon
Today of course we know better… our brains being the main frame of our system.
Poems, songs, art work in all medias abound with tributes to the heart… and love. Our hearts melt, skip a beat, flutter, yearn, break, ache, and soar… all in the name of love. Not unlike ET in the movie… when his ‘heart light’ glowed a luminous red while leaving Earth.
Neil Diamond, Carole Bayer Sager, and Burt Bacharach all saw that movie together and were so inspired they wrote ‘Heartlight’. Neil Diamond recorded it in 1982.

Turn on your heartlight
Let it shine wherever you go
Let it make a happy glow
For all the world to see

The day I moved into this house, 3 years ago was a bit un-nerving. It was the first house I had ever purchased on my own. I was giddy, excited, nervous, happy. I was in love, my world was bright and sunny, my heart light was glowing bright PINK… with sparkles!!! When I woke up the first morning I looked out my window and saw a heart in the limbs of my neighbor’s big, old tree. The way the branches were formed, you could only see it from my window. I knew right then and there THIS is where I was supposed to be. THIS is where my heart belonged. It was a symbol from above that came to life.

tree limb heart
This past week the northeast was hit with a storm. The wet, heavy snow brought down a very large tree branch and sent it crashing through my neighbor’s roof. No one was hurt thankfully. A tree surgeon came the next day and as I heard the chain saw buzzing I could only think about my special heart… the heart meant only for me to see, and how much I would miss it. Although I was sad, it seemed right. This house has lost it’s ‘magic’ in many ways, so this was only one more thing. My real heart actually ached.

The next morning when I woke and looked out my window… I was happily surprised to see the mighty old tree was still standing… and so was my heart!! The tree surgeon only took down the weak limbs and cut up the one that fell!! My heart flipped with glee!!

steve jobs quote
Aristotle wasn’t so far off the mark it seems. Our hearts may not rule our emotions and passions, but they certainly REACT to our circumstances and situations. What makes YOUR heart go pitter patter? WHO makes your heart skip a beat when you see them? Grab their hand, say, “I love you.” Make THEIR heart sing with joy!!! And if the years have slipped by and life has gotten in the way… do it any way and watch their heart begin to melt. After all… It’s FEBRUARY… The month of LOVE!!!

Speaking of HEARTS… I have one delivered to my inbox every day. Artist Hazel McNabb began painting a heart every day for a year and posting it. As she came to day 365, she decided to continue until she reaches 1000!!! Join her list  at and YOU too can have a heart a day!! Here is the one she posted today…

366 hearts


Deb Hathaway


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