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I was having an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who wanted to break things off with a girl he had been “talking two” for a few weeks. He wanted my advice on how she should approach this situation. In order to give accurate advice, I needed to assess the situation, so I asked him what he had done so far? After he listed the different ways he’s attempted to let this young lady go, I was baffled as to how she hadn’t gotten the point already.

I knew my friend was a stand up guy, so I told him to be honest. Just let her know, why string her along? Since she hasn’t been able to pick up on his subtle hints, its best to just be upfront.

You think he listened to me? Hell no!

His solution…stop answering her calls. Smh.

This inspired me to write a post for the ladies, as we are caribbean girls who unite on a daily basis in this part of the blogosphere, it’s important for me to help out my girls.

So here are 7 Ways He Shows That He’s Really Not That Into You: 


1) He never talks about the future: Some might disagree, but I think this is a big indication for his plans on having any sort of “future” with you. Now I’m not talking about him saying he wants to marry you and about you having his kids. NO! Let’s scale that back some. Let’s talks about the basics. If he’s not talking about a “next date”, “next time”, “next summer”, “in a few weeks”, shoot… “tomorrow”,  don’t ignore it! Most people absentmindedly make projections about the future in regular conversations. If you aren’t hearing this, or if you talk about the future with no real response from him. It’s time to think about moving forward with your life. Without him in it!


2) He talks about other women: RED LIGHT! Any man whose truly interested in you will NEVER discuss another woman other than his mom, aunts, sisters, children or cousins. He’s intelligent enough to know that talking about other women in your presence is distasteful and probably a huge chance that he will get the boot. So if he’s yapping away casually about a girl he met, a girl he use to talk to, his ex-girlfriend, one of his “homegirls”, it may be a sign of where his heads at when it comes to you.


3) He always refers to you as his “friend”:  Yes, even if you are sleeping with him. He still considers you his friend. This is such a missed sign! DON’T BE THAT GIRL! If you become emotional and express your frustrations to him and his response is “why you bugging…we’re friends!” Pack your belongings and run for the border. No man whose serious about making you permanent in his life will refer to you as his friend. He may do so after you have had such a strong relationship that he understands the value in ensuring that the woman he’s in love with should also be his friend. However, if you’ve been seeing, sleeping, ‘dating’, or devoting any amount of your time and emotion to a man who only refers to you as his friend, you are jus that...

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