He Made the First Confession - I Accepted. The Right Decision Under Weird Circumstances?

4 years ago

In total, I've only been in four relationships in total - one in my senior year of high schoo, and three in college. My first three didn't last any more than five months, one of the three having lasted not more than three weeks. Now, I won't be ashamed to say that for the first relationship, I was the dumper. For the second, I became the dumpee, which then my ex had begged me and still continues to beg for me to take him back, saying that he's made the biggest mistake so far of his life. The third one, I like to claim that I'm the dumper  due to the fact he was always willing to make an ass of himself by saying I was giving him nothing but excuses when I was trying to give him reasons, which was studying and which I would have been more than happy if he had come join me so that I could spend time with him while studying.

My relationship with my current boyfriend, I'll admit, is the healthiest relationship I have ever been in by far, but probably under strange circumstances. When I first met him, it was when he had visited a club I used to be a member of to try and recruit some college students if possible for an organization he's been building up for a couple of years. One of the reasons why he wanted to recruit was due to the fact he wanted to start off with brand knew staff. It took him about at least good hour to explain what his organization was all about and what he wanted to do with the organization, as well as explaining what kind of jobs would be given and how it would be given.

Interested, I joined. Of course, at the time, he had a girlfriend. Once joining and getting to know him, just to make sure I didn't fall for him, I had created a disfunctional family in my head that revovled around me and my best guy friend, who I see as my little brother. Me being Asian, and his race being as close as I can get to my own bloodline, I decided that in my disfunctional family made up of me and my friends, one of my friends would be my mom while her boyfriend would be my secret stepdad that my (at the time) 'boss' (who is now my boyfriend) would be my 'dad'. Strange part of it all is that the more I went on making my own family, he found it more and more amusing by the passing second.

Of course, just about a month or two after I brought another close friend into my disfunctional family as my step-aunt, my now boyfriend had broken up with his now ex, who had tried to kill him with her car when he dumped her. When he told us of what happened, his reason for dumping his ex was that she had given him the ultimatum of choosing either her or his organization. The one thing he didn't want to do is throw away the futures of everyone in his organization, and as much as he didn't want to breakup with his ex, he decided to lose his own happiness with her for sake of the futures of a lot of people that he had recruited.

About three to four months after my now boyfriend had broken up with his ex, I didn't find out for another month or two when he came clean with me, he had begun to come to realization that he had feelings for me. I didn't find out that he liked me until the last night at an anime convention he had completely covered for me in terms of ticket, hotel, and meal fees.

How we started off in our relationship may be the strangest way we had kicked it off - With an argument. Not in our hotel room that we shared with 16 other people. Not in the lobby of our hotel. But rather in middle of the lobby of the convention center, where we were surrounded by at least sixty people. I still remember the argument that we had that very late Saturday night of late July.

"Do you like me?"

That was the first question he had asked, and I replied with, "Yeah, I like you." Of course, in case he didn't like me the way I liked him, I had quickly added as a defense, "As a friend." The last thing on my mind was getting hurt the way I have been in all my past relationships.

"No, you can't like me as a friend!" When I asked him for his reasoning, his only response was that I can't like him just as a friend due to the fact, his exact words being, "[he's] adorable."

We went into an argument for at least good three minutes, five at most, before I told him, "Look, if you being adorable is the only reason why I should like you more than as a friend, tell me, because that's not a good reason at all. If that is, then it should be a damn good reason for me to like my best guy friend a lot more than I should, and be in love with him rather than love him just as a brother. Especially if you take into the considerations of how long I've known that guy."

Of course, him being the way he is (or maybe just how any guy would be, I guess), he got so frustrated that he yelled at me in middle of the huge crowd, "Fine! You can't like me just as a friendm, alright? You can't like me just as a friend because I like you! Happy?"

Yeah. Shocking. I know.

He's supposed to be my boss. He was the one that recruited me, yet he confesses a few months after he broke up with his girlfriend.

The strangest part of it all is that he has dating rules set up for himself, and few of those rules include:

  • He should never be dating someone he's working with.
  • Never mix his personal life with his work life, which includes never never mixing his girlfriend in with his organization.

Apparently, I was a special exception that he broke all of his dating rules that he set up for himself. He knows I'm a virgin, and even though I'm not 100% sure, my best guess is that he's not. Whether he is or not, it doesn't bother me one bit in any way whatsoever, because as long as he's with me, it just tells me that it's me that he wants to be with and nothing else matters.

Is it weird that I accepted his confession when he did and dating him, or just plain old stupid and wrong?

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