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4 years ago

I asked for reader’s questions (seems like forever ago – thank you hurricane sandy!) to use as writing prompts and Kim from My Inner Chick asked “What was the best date I had with my husband?”


By far, my favorite date with Marc was our first one… It was beyond perfect –right out of a chick flick.  But since it is a key part of “the book” which I finished editing last weekend and soon and somehow get published, I will save it J I will share a different one.


Marc was the ultimate bachelor.  He was extremely commitment phobic.  Forget about wanting a wife, he barely wanted to have a girlfriend.  Any semblance of a relationship scared him.  He never talked about his feelings.  He would give me glimmers of his true feelings, but quickly close off any emotion.


I was fine with this in the beginning.  But over time it did get old. I wanted to know how he really felt about me.


We planned on spending the weekend together.  It was early November and the weather was getting cold.  My throat felt scratchy when I woke up but I tried to ignore it, as I always do when I don’t feel well.  Marc had to pick up his new car, a convertible, and I went with him.  We drove home with the top down. It was great fun, but by the time we got back to the house, my scratchy throat turned into a full blown cold complete with a fever.


We had tickets to see Simon & Garfunkel two days later.  Then we were traveling to Utah to visit his friends the following weekend.


When I realized how sick I was, my first reaction was to go home.  He would have no part of it.  He made me take Tylenol, get in pajamas, made me tea with lemon and honey, got me a blanket, put on a chick flick for me to watch.   When my fever dropped, he cooked up a delicious but light dinner.


When we were done eating, he announced he was going to call his friend to give him the concert tickets.  “But why?” I asked.  “I am sure I will feel better by then.”


“I don’t want to risk you getting worse.  The concert isn’t worth it.  It is more important you get well so you can enjoy the trip.”


“Well then go without me.”  I replied.


“No, it wouldn’t be fun without you.  If you don’t go, I don’t want to go.”


With that, he picked up the phone and gave the tickets away.  I realized something that day.  He may not have found it easy to put his feelings into words, but he was able to show me what he felt.  I always believed that talk is cheap and actions speak more than words.  And his showed me how much he cared…


Now it is my turn… What was the best date you have had?


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