Hall Pass

4 years ago

I hope you understood what the heck I was typing during my last blog.  I was half sleep and the only thing on my mind was “GET IT POSTED!!!”

The code word “Hall Pass” came from the thought of being back in high school, sneaking off during class to be with the one you were in lust with.  I would have stated love, but we all know that most of the time it was just lust.  

I told them the story of Big Red, who I and a friend name Melissa, skipped school with so he could go surprise his girlfriend who went to school on the other side of town. Just to let you know, my mother never let me go wondering around the city, so I had no idea on where we were or how we going to get there.  We slide out of one of the side doors that were unlocked at the time and hurried down the street for four blocks. We caught the bus and with fake hall passes from that distant school, we made our way through to the lunch room. Melissa and I laughed with a few of her friends that lived in her neighborhood. When it was all over we caught the bus back to our side of town, walked up the four blocks and Big Red gave us hall passes to get back into class. Oh what fun we had in just being teenagers out and about in the city.

“With those hall passes, I got a chance to see how the others live. Come and look around to see how others play.” I said.

Oh well, I’ll tell you about him!  He was an old flame that faded out on the first date. It wasn’t because he was ugly, or bad breath, no it was the way he held me that night on the beach when it was just him and me.  Keep in mind that I was young and I was ready and willing to try anything once and sometimes twice and it was good and I enjoyed it, more times than one could think of. You are wondering how he held me.  Loose. He just laid his hand upon my hip.  I felt like I was carrying an extra two pounds on my right hip.

Back then, I had no idea what a dildo was, how to use it or why it would be useful to me in the future. It could have been the night , it could have been our age or it could have been the fact that a sexy, taller guy was just steps away from me. Later that night when everyone matched up, he and I slowly made out way to the back corner of the living room.  In fact everyone had a corner in the living room.  It was that I wasn’t going to do what they were doing in front of everyone.

So what had happened was….

There we were in the middle of my living room naked as the morning shower. He gave off this childish smile, like he was seeing a naked woman for the first time. 

“How do you want to do this?” I asked and waited for a reply while he looked at me strangely. “Regular or with a twist of fun?” again he gave off a funny smile.

“You mean I can have you the way I’ve always wanted you?”  He placed his arms around my waist.  It was not that awkward way he had done so many years ago.  He was holding me like a man. He tilted my head upward and kissed my lips softly.  Letting his tongue dart in and out of my mouth made me feel like a teenager again. But I had to keep my mind straight.  I didn’t want to fall down that rabbit hole know as “do he like me that way” hole.  Hands were strong and firm as they molded and grabbed my body parts like clay.  I didn’t know it until my head touch the floor that he had position me in the way he wanted me.

Time and time again he positioned me in ways that exposed my deepest pleasure points.  It was all him, not one toy, or lotion or potion was used.  Had it been so long since I enjoyed the pleasure of a fully erect man. I felt flesh against flesh. I wiped away sweat from his forehead, back  and chest while I worked on him to produce more.

Two hours (give or take the twenty mintues to start all over) later, I was lying in a puddle of my bodily fluids with a little bit of his added in for good measure.

I took a deep breath, uncrossed my eyes and sat up.

“It’s time for you to go!” he didn’t complain, ask to stay longer or even for a cup of coffee. He went to the bathroom, put on his clothes and left.

“Hall pass!” I shouted out.

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