Green Toys in 2009 - Learn and Win!

9 years ago
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It’s mid January and I’m guessing people are already beginning to give up on their New Years Resolutions. I’m happy to announce that my resolution to be awesome is going strong. Here at, we think there is no better goal for 2009 than to treat your body and soul right. For some that may mean taking more time to smell the roses, but for us it means more quality sexin’ with amazing toys that are good for our health and the big blue marble.

We talk about a lot about silicone on the site, and it’s a great material if you’re looking for a quality toy, but there are a few that are a little more unique and sure to rock your world. Three of my favorite toy materials that are good for your body and the earth are glass, aluminum and steel. Each has unique qualities that’ll I’ll discuss, but in the end you can’t go wrong with any of them.



Aluminum, the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, is a great alternative option for your next purchase. It’s completely safe to play with and if you for some insane reason decide you don’t want an aluminum toy, it can be recycled! What a surprise for the dudes sifting through your cans.

Besides being a relatively green toy material, aluminum doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals like jelly toys, so it’s good for your body. It’s also easy to clean, you can just wipe it down with soap and water or you throw it in on the top rack of the dishwasher without any soap.

If you’re into temperature play, aluminum is great because it holds temperature quite well. Run this baby under the hot or cold water tap for a minute or so and you can add another element to the mix.

In 2008 Tantus, one of my favorite progressive companies unveiled their Alumina line. Each of the four introductory toys is made of 100 percent aeronautic grade aluminum.

I got to play with the Revolve and if it’s an indicator of the awesomeness of this complete line, you can’t go wrong with any of them! It’s a little heavier than a silicone dildo because it’s made from solid metal, but much lighter than a toy crafted in steel would be. If you’re not a big fan of heft, aluminum is a great option if you’re looking for something in metal. The revolve weights just .5 pounds, which isn’t bad for something that’s 8 insertable inches long.

One cool thing about this particular toy is that both ends are made for insertion, which means you have twice as many options! The smaller end has three bulbs that increase in size and are fantastic. The larger end has one bigger ball on the very end and despite that fact that it’s not huge, it left me with a nice, full sensation. Both are really great for g-spot stimulation, but make for two very different experiences.

Since variety is the spice of life, you’ll be glad to know that each toy in the Alumina line is made of two ends that screw together. If you happen to own more than one, and I hope to soon, you can mix and match to create a whole new awesome toy!

I’m a really big fan of the Revolve and recommend it. In fact, I like it so much that we’ve teamed up with our friends at to give one away! All you need to do to enter our raffle – details follow at the end of the post.


glass pyrex dildo image

I’d seen enough drinking glasses shatter in my life to have a few reservations regarding glass toys. Shards of glass is on my list of things I don’t want inside me, right between pork tenderloin (I’ve seen it, thanks Germany) and fire ants. However, pyrex glass is an amazing material for sex toys and completely safe.

Like the other two materials I’m focusing on today, glass can be sterilized completely using the usual methods. Taking care of your sexual health should be a number one priority and this phthalate -free material makes it that much easier.

Glass toys are also great for temperature play and are compatible with any type of lube. Of course, in my experience, glass is one of few materials that I don’t automatically grab for a bottle of lube with. It’s so smooth, that this lube whore often finds it unnecessary.

One thing that attracts a lot of people to glass is its appearance. With an endless variety of colors and swirls, they are way better on the eyes that a beige rubber cock with painted veins. I like pretty things and my glass dildos are probably the closest thing I have to art. I know more than one perv who proudly display their glass cocks for the world to appreciate.

If you’re interested in learning more about glass dildos, check out my review of Mr. Squiggly – a unique pyrex toy that looks as great as it feels.

Stainless Steel

Finally, our heavy weight contender for a green toy material, Stainless Steel has many things in common with both glass and aluminum. It’s 100% recyclable, super safe for your body (it’s a commonly used in surgical instruments) and easy to sterilize. One noticeable difference between steel and the other two materials is that it is very heavy.

I can’t talk about Stainless Steel without talking about Njoy’s Pure Wand. If you ever wanted to know what 1.5 pounds of heaven feels like in your hands, just pick up this hefty g-spotter. This is one of those toys that you never hear a bad thing about it. Every woman I’ve ever known to be lucky enough to experience this bad boy has gushed (often literally) about this amazing wand.

This toy is amazing for g-spot stim because it takes all of the guess work out of it. It’s brilliant design leads the balled tip right to your magic button, making this the perfect toy for someone who is g-spot curious.

In the end, any of these environmentally friendly materials will keep dangerous toxins out of your bedroom. Health conscious sex toys are readily available and lots of fun! With proper care, any of these will easily enhance your sex life for years to come!

As I mentioned earlier, we’re teaming up with to give away Tantus’ Revolve. If you’d like to be entered in our drawing to win this awesome aluminum toy, please leave a comment before Tuesday, January 20th at 5pm EST letting us know one positive thing you’re committed to doing in 2009 to better yourself.

*NOTE: You must comment on the original post to enter in the contest*

Unfortunately, this contest is limited to those of you who live in the continental US only and please make sure you leave a way to contact you! Gook luck!


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