Going, going, GONE

3 years ago

I had to hide. Not that I was frighten of her but this girl was use to being hit. I dropped down to the floor and crawled under the small table behind the couch.

He hurried to her side and the two started their uncontrollable kissing, smacking and then they had sex on the floor in front of the couch.

That sound? That sound! If you could hear what I heard you would have to be in therapy, for years. I could tell they were going to go for it when they bounced on the couch.

I had to make it to the door while they were doing their screaming.  The door wasn’t’ that far away and if I timed it right I could…

Tucking my shoes’ heels on to the straps of my bra so they were hanging, I made my escape.

“Left side. Right side. Left side. Right side. Try to be quite. Keep your eye on the door.” I said to myself, and then I left the carpet.

“NOW!” He said. I turned my head to see he was looking at me.

“What’s wrong?” she asked rising to a seated position.

“Nothing!” He said positioning his body across the back of the couch. “I want you to take me now.”

Out of nowhere he starts clapping. It took a second for me to realize what he was doing. He was making enough noise for me to make it across the tile floor. I felt like a little toy taking wide strides toward the door.  I raised my hand, unlocked the door and was out of there before she said, “Who’s at the door?” as it softly closed shut behind me.

I stood up and ran left down the hallway.  I kept telling myself how next time I would be easier on the drink, leave the super handsome one’s alone, and never loop my shoes into my bra. But that was my mistake.

I saw one of the room doors open and quickly close leaving me in an empty hallway standing next to the stairwell instead of the elevator.


I had a choice, take the stairs or go back to see if I will be confronted by an angry woman. “The woman.”

I didn’t choose this just to start up some bull with them.  I knew I couldn’t make it down the three floors.  I was now walking back towards the room I had just left.  Whatever was going to happen I was gearing myself up to face it.

As I walked I placed on my shoes.  I have never been in this type of situation before and I will make sure that I will not do it again. I heard the sound of the elevator dinging and the doors opening, I picked up my pace the closer I got to the room.  I heard that door click unlock and open.

“Hello.”  Adoria said looking at me with a smile. I wondered if she knew it was me who just left. I kept my game face on.

“Hello?” I replied.

She turned her head and looked down the hallway. A tall beautiful, busty blonde, who was made of nothing but legs came walking up.

“Hello Adoria.” The deep voice announced from the blonde.  It could have been the funny look on my face or the fact I hurried around them as the blonde stood in the doorway, I could hear the entire conversation since she didn’t bother closing the door. 

The blonde. “I didn’t see any one, and she just came out of the room down the hall.”

I could still feel their eyes on me as I heard door shut. I pushed the button for the elevator, gave thanks and then I heard the screams. The sound of large objects being tossed around and the other room doors started opening. The elevator dinged and I stepped in pushing my floor number.

That is when I saw it.  He pushed out of his room half dress followed by a man in a dress. He had lost the blonde wig but kept the big breast and had Adoria right behind him.

“Hold the elevator!”

Goodness knows that what I did next… I pushed the close button, but acted as if I was trying to keep it open.  I should get the Oscar this year for such a performance. The look on his face when the doors closed on him and the way I smiled as it did… priceless. Where is my Oscar?

I went back to my room. I put on some clean clothes, fixed myself up and went back down for breakfast. I had no intention of on looking like the woman I was this morning.  In fact, I put on a t-shirt and blue jeans.

“Let me get a large coffee.” I said to the waiter when he came to my table.

“Cream and sugar?”

“Black, please.” I gave off a sigh as I went through my purse.

I put my money on the table and sipped away.  It was nice to take in the calmness of the room, only the sound of the dishes clanging was heard in the background. This ended when a small group of people entered with their bag.

“Man, it was funny the way that guy came through the lobby half dress with his bags.”

They all laugh.

“Yeah and he was followed by the drag queen and that girl.” More laughter.

I felt sorry for him, but he got just what he wanted. Then again, I should have held the door open for him. Then again, I would have to listen to all of that noise. Either way, it is not going to play well on my mine.

“I’ve never seen such a fight. That girl was kicking butt and when the police came in looking for the other woman…”

That was my queue. It was time for me to go. I left my coffee, made it upstairs and packed to leave.  It would be as easy as pulling up the video from the hall way to see me crawling out.

“I ready to check out.” I said standing at the front counter with a baseball cap and hoodie on. The clerk swiped my room card, punched a few keys on the computer and read to himself a note.

“It’s all been paid for miss and your car is outside waiting for you.”

I didn’t understand, I tried to tell him how didn’t pay nor did I call for a cab.  The front desk clerk reached over and handed me a bouquet of flower with a note. 

“Glad I’ve found you. Please go home.”

So I did making me one HAPPY LADY.

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