5 years ago

I have always though of myself as a fairly down to earth kind of girl, though I was once called "spoiled" by one of my girlfriends.  Granted, that was a long time ago, but I remember how shocked I was that anyone would perceive me as spoiled.  Once I joined her in the divorce category, and got a full-time job she was a lot nicer to me.

 But,  here's the thing:  I want presents.

 Please don't make me feel lousy for saying that out loud.  I bet you want presents, too.  And let me say right off the bat that flowers are not presents.  They're gestures.  Flowers are perfect for Valentines Day and Mothers Day, but when it comes to birthdays and Christmas I would really like a present.  Just a little gift that tells me you've given some thought to what I might like.  I don't want money or a gift card so I can go out and "buy myself a little something", I want you to listen to me in the weeks leading up to whatever the occasion is and go out on your own and pick out a gift for me. And, would you please wrap it?   I know you can do this because I've seen you wrap presents for other people, so could you wrap mine too, please? 

 I promise I won't complain if the gift is all wrong, but I hope you don't use that as a ploy to get out of this.  Just because you got me something goofy, you're not excused from future attempts.  I was married for twenty years and got some really bad gifts (usually picked out by my ex-husbands secretary...who is now his wife), but I was always appreciative.  OK, I took the diamond necklace back that one time, but it just was not my thing.  I think the secretary-now-wife has one just like it.  But I digress.

 One more thing...  Please don't ask me to give you a list of the things I want.  That just sucks the fun out of the whole thing.  I want to be surprised.  Even if it isn't something I was hoping for, I will love you for making the effort.  If I've made you nervous about giving me gifts, I'm sorry.  I never wanted you to think that what was inside that package was all that important.  The fact that you didn't take the easy way out and buy into the falsehood that your ilk are bad gift givers means everything to me. But keep the receipt just in case, OK?


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