BlogHer Bedroom Video Chat: Get Ready to Talk About Sex, Love and Social Networks

8 years ago

It's time to put sex on the calendar once again! BlogHer Bedroom is coming back this Thursday.

This week, I your fearless misadventuress, will be discussing social networks and relationships -- and answering your questions about your own travails in the madness of this world where, more and more, the analog is colliding with the digital.

Once again this week, we're going to be picking one of you to receive a $100 Visa gift card. To enter the contest, just leave a comment on this post asking a question about this week's show topic: dating, loving, fighting and breaking up in terms of social media.

In March, OnlineSchools collected some interesting data regarding trends in online dating: 40 million Americans date online. That doesn't surprise me in the least –- I have been using Twitter for dating for over a year.

As more people get on social networks, dating online has become a little more than just a quick search for singles within 20 miles. Now we're loving, living, fighting and breaking up online. Many of us for the first time.

What are the rules? Is it OK to check out what a crush is doing or where he's going by what he posts? How do you deal with passive-aggressive status messages from a significant other? Should you "unfriend" an ex on Facebook?

Go ahead and ask me your own questions in the comments so I can expand on them during the show -- and so we can pick a winner (more deets about this are below)!

So pencil me in this Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Pacific, 11:00 p.m. Eastern for the live video chat of BlogHer Bedroom. You can watch and chat here on this page at It'll be like having happy hour with the girls, but in comfort of your own home and without the uncomfortable footwear. How can you resist?


Win a $100 Visa gift card by asking a question related to sex, love and social media in the comments of this post. You have until Thursday, 11:30 p.m. Eastern, 8:30 p.m. Pacific, to leave a comment. The winner will be contacted before the following week's video chat, and we will make the public announcement during the next show. Click here to read the official rules. Ready, set, go!


I mentioned a couple of articles during the webchat, so I thought I would link them here, along with other posts and articles I thought might answer some of the questions we addressed.

Let's Fall In Love (Or Hook-Up, Or Pillow-Fight, Or... Whatever) Online
Exploring the different ways to go about meeting people and dating online, from Craigslist to to social networks not made specifically for dating.

Baby, You Don't Poke Me Anymore
How social media confounds and complicates relationships, from ambient awareness to the Facebook "poke."

So, Tell Me Everything I Know About You
The cautionary tale of a woman who Googled before a date and then found herself in a bit of a predicament when the man she was seeing realized she already knew pretty much everything.

When Couples Fight on Facebook, Everyone Knows the Score
At 400 million members and growing, Facebook might just replace restaurants as the go-to place for couples to cause a scene.

The Valleywag Guide to Restoring Your Privacy on Facebook
Last year, Facebook reworked its privacy settings to give us more control. The result was profiles being defaulted to public. How are your settings set up? This guide will help you understand how to set up a Facebook account that doesn't give you too many privacy-related nosebleeds.

Blackbox Republic: "It's Complicated" Gets Simple
A social network that charges, uses a voucher system, has epic privacy settings in place and takes quality very, very seriously -- without losing sight of the fun.

How To Get Laid With Twitter
Old-school methods of getting to know someone through their blogs and Facebook profiles is a large investment as far as time goes–and time is a luxury not all of us have. With Twitter, you can find and engage hundreds of people in your network. So how do you do it?

E-Stalking Your Way to Hot Sex
Can you tell if someone is going to be good in bed by how they tweet? According to Kiki, you can. Six things to consider when e-stalking your crush.

Our Secret Lives On The Web
Philosophy professor Aaron Ben-Zeév tackles the question of the dualism of online interaction: greater anonymity and greater self-disclosure and Regina Lynn gives tips on how to use Twitter for clandestine fun.

3 Sexcessories You Need
Three iPhone apps that will get you hot -- or at least amuse you.

Trends in Online Dating
An infographic using data collected by OnlineSchools to show trends in online dating.

AV Flox is the editor of Sex and the 405 -- what your newspaper would look like if it had a sex section.

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