5 Online Dating Characters You Should Avoid

3 years ago

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular these days and for good reason. Finding a partner via dating websites can be very successful for thousands of singletons who are more comfortable being matched with people online than just heading out and about, and hoping they may bump into someone special.

Some websites are more reputable than others, of course. Read this review of one, which has a particularly good reputation. Most sites will match you up with someone compatible, but errors, anomalies, and mistakes can sometimes occur, and new users may be advised also to be selective in terms of who they choose to strike up a conversation with.


Here are five online dating personas to treat with caution -->


The Obsessive One

Image: user wmjas via Flickr

You’ve shown a little interest in a profile and your interest responds and seems quite pleasant. You even have things in common. Maybe you meet up, maybe not. For whatever reason you move on to someone else, or stop going on the site.

But that isn’t enough. Your new friend wants your email address, wants your number, then finds you on Facebook. and Twitter. You get a message an hour, or more. Your options are twofold: ignore him some more, or tell him to go away. Do not, under any circumstances, give our your address.


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The Scammer

If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Take the European or American businessman, who just happens to be stationed in Africa and has uncovered a fantastic way to make money. He has found your profile and thinks you are a beautiful and wise person for a relationship – all he needs is a few thousand pounds upfront and then you will both profit from this new opportunity together.


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In the back of your mind you’re wondering why such a heavyweight in the corporate world needs to share his scheme for wealth online with someone he’s never met. Once you’ve paid up they make an excuse for the lack of funds in your direction – and then disappear into the night to find more prey.

Sadly, the type of person who will initially send money to these evil fraudsters is also the type to send more if requested, until they are drained of their savings. Safe from scams has some advice on how to deal with these fraudulent accounts here.


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The Liar

We want to look our best and attract people, so it’s only fair to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your account – maybe you’ve added an inch or two to your height. But some people are just fibbers, so tread carefully if a picture of a black-haired stallion accompanies a man who claims to be in his 60s, or claims of salary don’t seem to add up. Equally, if want to meet someone but find they’re VERY choosy about when and where you meet, then ask yourself why that might be – or who might be alerted.


Image: Alan Cleaver via Flickr

If you’re really concerned you could actually search for the origin of the picture using Google images – it may bring up a Facebook account with a matching picture which tells a very different story of their life…here’s five common lies told by online daters, according to The Richest.


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Mr. "Too Open"

You meet for a first date and everything seems good. It’s a free flowing conversation which makes you laugh – and then the floodgates open. Years of exes, previous dates, lifestyle problems, money issues, family trauma, dead pets and other clutter from a fiasco of a life pour forth. For extra effect, tears are added.


Image:Claudio Gennari via Flickr

It’s nice that they immediately see you as a sponge for their problems, but also downright scary. It’s funny how a packed restaurant can suddenly seem so lonely and you can’t wolf down your food fast enough. Bill please.


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The Strange Guy


Image: JD Hancock via Flickr

One man’s wonder is another man’s weirdo so this is subjective, but if there’s a seed of doubt in your mind from the picture and profile – and definitely the likes and dislikes - don’t be tempted just because you haven’t had a date in a while. 

If you happen to meet up with someone who has extreme hobbies or seems way off the scale in terms of their compatibility to you, a word of advice: you won’t change them. And neither should you try. Move on and meet someone else.

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