First Trip with my Boyfriend. Woohoo!? OMG

8 years ago

We're going to Portland tomorrow. Just for fun. And it's our first trip together. At first I was nervous, but now I find myself more just incredibly curious to see how it goes. Of course, plenty of time to get nervous again, right?

Just now I thought, OMG it's 4+ days together like all the time. You know how modern life is. We do the sleepover thing, but I still go a few days without seeing him. Even weekends we have breaks. Wow, I'm totally looking forward to having him to myself for days and days in a row.

Well, almost. We're staying with his friends. Which leads to, Geez, I hope they like me, right? But hey, first trip, and it's not meeting parents at the same time. So one degree less stressful, I suppose. Unless they hate me, of course. (Kidding.) (Kinda.)

Thankfully, we already have one thing in common: They will be boardgaming!

So all in all I'm just really looking forward to getting out of my city and into a new city with my boyfriend. I'm looking forward to seeing new things, meeting new friends, and much yummy food and drink, and much relaxing fun.

Certainly, we got through the planning stages OK. Still...

  • How will we be getting to the airport? Will it get stressful, and how will we deal with it?
  • How will we be on the plane? Will he kick my ass at Travel Scrabble?
  • Does he really think I can drive a Sebring? Does it come with a fog horn?
  • What will his friends be like? Will we hit it off?
  • If I bring three games, will they think I'm nuts? I can't decide which to bring!
  • Will my inability to have preferences about what to do in a city I know nothing about eventually drive him mad?
  • Alone in my bed on Tuesday, will I miss him worse than I do now when we're not together?
  • What will we learn about each other that we don't already know?
  • Is it time to drive to the airport yet??? I can't wait!!!

What was your first trip with your significant other like? Any interesting surprises?


Bloggy goodness:

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Kayda Norman from Love Buzz on YourTango blogs Traveling Together: Road Trip Dos and Don'ts. MBF and I are flying, but I'd just like to point out that this post suggests, "Do compromise on the music selection." I'M JUST SAYIN' TO ANYONE WHO MIGHT HAPPEN TO BE READING. There's some great road-trip tips in this post.

Great interview from NomadicMatt who interviews Dawn and Sean, the couple from WanderingWhy about Traveling as a Couple: An Interview with Wandering Why. Their trips are a bit more intense than a long weekend trip to Portland.

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