First Date

4 years ago

I remember my first date like it was yesterday, even though it was over 20 years ago.  It’s probably because it was the only first date I ever had.  I never went out with anyone else and we wound up married a little less than 2 years later.

He showed up at my house in a very loud, very big, Dodge Cummins Diesel 4×4. I stayed back in my bedroom and waited until my younger sister came and told me he had arrived. I didn’t want him to think I had been watching and waiting for him.

The first thing I noticed about him was that he wore a suit jacket, western tie, and gray jeans. thoughtthe suit jacket was a little dressy for dinner and movie. I wore pair of black jeans and a dark red sweater.I really dreaded the date, might as well be comfortable.

He offered to help me get into his big truck, but I wasn’t keen on him touching me. I politely refused his assistance.  I climbed inside, shut the door, and stayed as close to it as I could the whole drive to the restaurant.  He recalls how I hugged that door. He thought I was going to jump out of his truck.

I was worried about eating in front of him once we arrived at the restaurant. I didn’t want him to think I was a messy eater so I looked over the menu and tried to find something that I thought would be relatively easy to eat.  I decided on a vegetable plate.  I thought it a safe choice.  He ordered an open face, roast beef sandwich. It was a huge sandwich and looked pretty messy. I guess he wasn’t worried about eating in front of me.

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Photo via Shutterstock

We chatted over dinner, or rather I did all the talking.  I don’t think I shut-up through the course of the entire meal.  I was so nervous and I rattled on about all sorts of things.  I even covered my love of English LiteratureIt was a relief when dinner was over.

I had to get through the movie next, but how hard could that be? All we had to do was sit there and look at the big screen. No awkward conversation necessary. Uh, not quite. I underestimated him.

As we sat in the theater and waited for the movie to start he grabbed my hand. Whoa!  Wasn’t that a bit forward for a first date?  Slow down, buddy!  He told me that my hand was cold and then informed me that, cold hands meant a warm heart. Was that a line? If so, he needed to work on that one.

The hand holding made me uncomfortable.  What to do? I could tell him I guess.  Something like, ” I’m not real comfortable with the hand holding dude, give it back, okay.”  Would that be too rude?  In a flash of brilliance it hit me. I told him I needed to visit the restroom before the movie started. No, I didn’t really have to, but it got my hand out of his and it was a plausible excuse. When I returned to my seat I placed my hands in my lap hoping he would take the hint and not try to grab them again. It worked.

The movie came to end and it was time for him to take me home.

On the ride back I, once again, stayed as close to the passenger side door as possible. I wondered if he would try to kiss me goodnight. He had already grabbed my hand, a clear sign he was a fast mover.How would I handle a goodnight kiss?

Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with a kiss. I got out of his big truck as soon as he pulled into my driveway and made a beeline for the safety of my mother’s kitchen. My parents were sitting at the kitchen counter. I was saved! I knew he wouldn’t dare attempt anything in front of my parents. I walked into the dining room and he followed me. Why wasn’t he leaving? My parents asked if we enjoyed the movie. A little idle chit chat was exchanged. He asked if he could call me again. I was mortified! Right in front of my father he asked me if he could call me again sometime! Boy, he had nerve! I didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t want my father to think that I actually wanted this guy to take me out again. I answered simply, “if you want to.”

It was a week later and I had not heard from him. I didn’t know whether to be disappointed or not.  The afternoon of the eighth day he called. I decided I wasn’t disappointed.

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