On Father’s Day I Recognize and Celebrate My BFF

This month of June, 2013, we’ll celebrate another Father’s Day. So I would like to recognize my husband, a hardworking man of integrity, and my Best Forever Friend.” He has also been a devoted father to our children. They would attest to this. He is genuine, is kind and giving, and is incredibly patient: slow to anger, quick to forgive. And even with all his faults—yes, he has them!—he remains perfect in my eyes. He is the BFF I never had and has therefore won my heart for all time.

On Father’s Day I Recognize and Celebrate My BFF

My husband of over thirty-one years, has over time become my bosom friend; we are closer than two-peas-in-a-pod and are for-the-most-part inseparable. We are indeed kindred spirits.

During all these many years his love for me and his family has been unfailing. I know that he has loved me, and loved me unconditionally—even spoiling me, [almost] rotten, it’s been said. So I believe it is due time for me to give him recognition. I hereby wish my husband a very Happy Father’s Day.

I’ll tell you this: Many believed our marriage wouldn’t last the test of time (including me, Doubting Thomas that I was!). But from our first date through our brief courtship—when he proposed marriage after two weeks and two-and-a-half months later we tied the happy knot, sealing the promise of “till death do us part” forever, and believing wholeheartedly that “what God has put together no man can put asunder”—to this day, he has remained true and unchanging.

Now, many years later, here we are, still together—by the grace of God—and closer than I could have ever believed possible. Together we’ve tackled many hardships, problems big-enough that at times they did threaten to tear us apart. But we managed to get through each and every obstacle. We faced them together, head-on, and accepted that they were lessons to be learned. In the end it only served to make us wiser, bring us closer, and make us that much stronger.

The day he proposed marriage to me, he vowed to always make me happy, to the best of his ability. And I can tell you that he certainly has given it his best.

  • He was a young daddy that got out of bed at all hours of the night, to change our newborn’s diaper.
  • He was a daddy that cleaned up baby puke and other unmentionable messes.
  • He was a mature father that lovingly (and at risk to his own life and happiness) stood his ground and defended his children, when called upon, from their mother’s occasional unfair wrath.
  • He’s been a man of faith and prayer, daring to believe in the impossible.
  • He has always readily offered help to friends and family in need, many times going beyond the call of duty.
  • He has many times in his life opened his wallet, giving and sharing from our small and dwindling reserves.
  • He has seen loss of jobs and home but took whatever job came along, often working hard labor, on hands and knees, just so that he could provide the next meal for his family.
  • From our first day together as husband and wife we have made cooking together a happy hobby.
  • From our first days of dating, I’ve needed only to ask and he has given it, if it has been in his power to do so.
  • Recently, I mentioned the desire to have chickens and a vegetable bed, and he has more than happily granted that wish. We are now raising our chickens and tending to the veggie garden together.

If there were times I haven’t been happy, and there were, well, it was due to unavoidable circumstances. My husband, after all, is not a magician!

Note:  Hubby and I have an inside joke about the acronym “BFF”; when first we saw the letters in a comment, we both thought it translated to “best f-----g friend!” We now know better, though it still strikes us as funny!

This month is also his birthday. So Happy Birthday honeys!!

Happy Father’s Day my Best Forever Friend!

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