Exes and Their Bullshit

4 years ago

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile for anyone actually reading this.

This entry is about the on & off boyfriend I just dumped. Well, we weren't even "together" anymore because he doesn't have a job, has no transportation, and is kind of, well, intellectually challenged, I'm finding out. Maybe it's mean or picky, but I like smart guys. I also like guys with a JOB and transportation. So I'd already told him that we could hang out (& yes, have sex ocassionally, a girl has needs and he's admittedly the best I've ever had) but he KNEW (or so I thought) that we were not in a "relationship." Oh, and did I mention he's an alcoholic? Yeah, yeah, he sounds like someone I should have never dated, but he did have his good qualities, besides being amazing in bed. ;) AND he presented himself as someone different than who he turned out to be. Ugh. But for his good qualities: First off, he did treat me well and he LOVES my kids...and they LOVE him.

The cruz of this entry is that I'm still friends with him on Facebook and no, I won't de-friend him (yet) because I don't want to hurt him. However, he keeps posting stuff on his page like "If you want a nice guy, stop treating the nice guys like shit." First off, I didn't treat him like shit. I was up-front about needing MORE than a jobless guy. I have a freaking job and THREE kids! I don't need to support someone else. AND, I hate to say this, but he should GET A DAMN JOB. He's living on unemployment right now and I just can't respect that when I KNOW he can find a job. He's just freaking lazy. (I know not all of those on unemployment can find a job, especially if you're in the category of having higher skill-sets, but he doesn't. He could find a job as a cook somewhere.) So basically when I read this shit, I want to comment, "Yeah a nice guy needs a JOB and transportation and needs to stop getting falling-down drunk!" It's like he's being so FAKE and it just pisses me off!!!

Ok, rant over. I just needed to get that out. Thanks for reading.

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