Emotional Cheating vs. Physical Cheating... Which is worse?

7 years ago
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Ok, I’m not going to touch the question “who cheats more, men or women” right now, because I could argue for days that women are just as bad as men, if not more. So for the time being, I would like to figure this out; if cheating does occur which is worse… emotional cheating or physical cheating?

For most people once you’re cheated on, it really doesn’t matter why it happened, how it happened, or how many times it happened; cheating is cheating and this is over. But should it be?

Sometimes the situation and circumstance matters more than people think it does. Of course the loyalty and trust issues are thing that’s will have to be dealt with, but the reality of that is only time can repair those issues. So let’s just figure out how did the cheating occur?

When cheating is merely a physical thing; attraction to another based solely on physical appearance, it’s cheating of course… but isn’t this something that can be forgiven? Maybe the situation and scenario do matter as to how it happened. Do we all stand tall when our loyalties are tested? How many times has that person stood tall in a difficult situation versus how may times they’ve faltered. These things matter. People in relationships shouldn’t be like commercial pilots; one crash and your career is over!

Now let’s say you partner hasn’t physically cheated, but is emotionally invested into someone… how do you feel about that? Would you be ok with knowing your partner confides in someone other than you? Would you be ok knowing that your partner doesn’t give you everything they have emotionally, yet they are to someone else? Let us understand that although a physical connection hasn’t happened, yet, this is definitely not right and to be considered cheating.

For me, I’ve always told the girls I’ve dated that even though a physical connection with someone else is usually an emotional thing for women; if it’s only a physical, bad situation, strength waivered type of thing… we could probably get past it. However if it were an emotional  attachment to someone else, I would have to walk away from it. But what do you think? What is worse and how would you handle it?