embarassed {the 1 day a year i really don't like my husband}

6 years ago


we finish sentences, we even talk in sync most days.

we have the same taste in pretty much everything, except for some recent fashion trends that he has yet to jump on board with...


if you were cheesy, or recently had a pms-y weekend watching sleepless in seattle,

you might even say we are MFEO.  cause we are.


i am the extrovert, he is.... not.


every year halloween comes around and the same conversation ensues:

we could be...


or maybe we could....


but what if we...

not a chance.


like a fly on the ground--gone. dead and lifeless.

and it sucks the wind out of any other future ideas.


so it didn't so much matter the level of creativity involved in the idea,

cc + a costume = embarassing.


so he says...


so saturday night we went to a halloween party with a bunch of couples. i was sure there would be more that wouldn't dress to impress.  i was banking on at least one other couple with no sense of humor or something.


my stomach was already churning on the way over to the party, i could hear the comments coming my way as the one theatre/performer/loud-mouth/extrovert/person that you would expect would do something fabulous when it comes to purposely looking like a fool...


naturally, we walked in to a room full of couples that had thoughtfully planned out their schemed and themed costumes and here i was in jeans and a flowy top

{to conceal the 5 pounds gained since my MIL has been here.}


i wasn't just mad, i was really mad. 

and even more than mad, i was realizing that this could very well be one of the very few times in my life i can actually chalk up to embarassment.


so i mustered up all of my high school cold-shoulder skills and sat across the room from cc and could barely look at him.  he was the only other human in jeans and he just sat there by himself totally ok without joining in the fun. anger...


in a weird way, i felt completely vunerable, not quite myself, and i hated it.


it wasn't until the next morning that cc finally told me that he realized it wouldn't be that embarassing to dress up when everyone else was....and promised that next year he would go all out with me. {thus the devious need to blog it - documentation and proof}


i had already set a reminder on my phone to remind me next september to come up with something real good even if he didn't come along for the ride. 


cause that's who i am. the over-the-top, almost offensive at times, loud one at the party with huge hair and an accent and getup to remember. 


but it's just so much more fun when its you and me.



and after i got dressed for church, he came in with a matching tie, just to prove it.



big red clifford

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