Does Your Husband Know about Your Shopping Addiction?

Does Your Husband Know about Your Shopping Addiction?

Does Your Husband Know about Your Shopping Addiction?

So it started a few weeks ago with that pair of Tory Burch heels that you had to have.  They were only $400 so you threw them on the credit card.  Your husband even complimented you on the shoes.

The following week you had a fundraising dinner to attend so you bought yourself a new dress, to go with the shoes.  Just not at Banana Republic, like you told your husband.  You bought the dress at Neiman’s.  For $1000.

But then the shoes and the dress made your handbag look old & beat up, so you bought yourself a Chanel bag.  Yes, it was $2500, but you know that you’ll have it forever, so it’s more of an investment than a purchase.  You told your husband the handbag was a gift from your mother.  He would never approve of you spending $2500 on a handbag.  But then again, he’s not a woman.  He doesn’t get it.

And, slowly, you find yourself going to great lengths to hide your shopping from your husband.

Some of the things you’ve done:

  • Opened a credit card in your name only.
  • Taken the change from the groceries and hid the cash in your drawer so that you could save money to pay off your shopping bill.
  • Ripped tags off new items and told your husband that they were older items.
  • Hid purchases in the trunk of your car until you could safely sneak them into the house when your husband wasn’t home.
  • Lied and told him that new items were gifts.
  • If questioned, told him that you’re using a discount website.  You’d never pay full retail.

This kind of slide into ‘financial infidelity’ may start out innocently enough, but can quickly amount to significant debt and strain on your marriage.  Do you really think a Chanel bag is worth losing trust in your marriage?



Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

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