Divorced & Dating on the Main Line?

Divorced & Dating on the Main Line?

Divorced & Dating on the Main Line?

Are you a divorced woman dating on the Main Line?  Here’s a breakdown of the most common types of men that you will come across in your travels.

The Vast Majority of Men

The Great Guy….just maybe not YOUR prince charming

This guy is handsome, smart, nice, and he is a great dad.  You’re happy spending time with him, but there’s no chemistry.

Advantage:  He’s kind, he’s honest, he’s handsome.  You might not hit it off, but you stay friendly.  You’re rooting for him to find a great woman who appreciates him.

Disadvantage:  You wish that this guy made your heart sing, but you can’t force chemistry.

The Characters

(aka the dates that your girlfriends want to hear about because they make such great stories)

The Main Line Douche

This guy looks like a Saturday Night Live spoof of a WASP.  Before he’s spoken a word, his outfit has managed to tell you that he’s a member at Merion, the Union League, Merion Cricket Club, and Philly Country Club.

Advantage: If you’ve ever wanted to drop some strokes from your golf game, this is your man.

Disadvantage:  If you want to dine out west of the Blue Route OR east of City Line Ave, this guy is not interested.

The Jerry Maguire

This guy is romantic, needy, insecure and ready to move in with you within 12 hours of meeting.  He says, without irony, ‘You Complete Me.’

Advantage:  They don’t make men more loyal than this guy.  He will bring you flowers, watch ‘Real Housewives’ with you, and leave chocolate on your pillow.

Disadvantage:  He will fully expect to be included in your ‘Girls’ Weekend’ and might burst into tears if you tell him that he has to stay home without you.

The Donald

This guy is the Donald Trump of the Main Line.  He’s wealthy, powerful, rude, and he expects you to be his arm candy.

Advantage:  This guy will spend money on you.  He will, sorry, his secretary, will buy you expensive gifts.  He will take you on lavish (business) trips.  He will squire you around town to the best restaurants.

Disadvantage:  He is uninterested in your opinions, he will monitor your weight so that you’re ‘hot enough’ for him, and he will dominate all conversations with his accomplishments.

The Lone Wolf

This guy is kind and honest.  He doesn’t play games, but he doesn’t really want much in a relationship.

Advantage: If your schedule is busy, this guy will not demand a lot of your time or energy.

Disadvantage: He travels for work, he has friends that he hasn’t seen in a while, and you find yourself pretty low on his list of priorities.

The Holy Grail

The Right Man for You

He’s kind, he’s honest, he’s handsome and he makes you laugh.  You share similar hobbies and you enjoy spending time together.  He understands the demands of your family and career.

Advantage:  He makes you glad that you went through the process of divorce because you know that you’re finally in a happy relationship.

Disadvantage:  No more Bravo TV marathons on the weekend.



Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist



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